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Today, I went to the dentist to get a baby tooth which had decayed removed. After almost an hour, I came out with a numb mouth and a missing tooth for life. It was not a baby tooth. FML
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YDI cause your tooth was decaying. L2brush

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lol i find it hard to believe your dentist mistook a permanent tooth with a baby tooth that sucks

Well the british are known for having great oral hygiene...

Whoops, there it is again - stereotyping.

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feel sorry for you, but that's what you get when you don't brush, no more teeth!

is it really that hard to tell the difference between a normal and decayed tooth? what about baby and permanent teeth? sue the crappy doctor or maybe this fml is fake.

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#156, why exactly does the doctor need to be sued? The tooth was decayed. It needed to be removed anyway.

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Fake. For your dentist to have to go through.. 4-8 years of college, to get the degree, pass his/her test to graduate, and to actually get the job, he/she is going to have to know the difference between a baby tooth and an adult tooth. Common knowledge.

For all we know the doctor never said it was a baby tooth, OP did. and baby tooth or not the tooth needed to be removed. Unless you want decayed teeth in your mouth.

oh man that sucks. sue their asses and buy a new tooth from the money made.

he wouldnt win a lawsuit against them... if it was decayed so much then maybe it didnt look like an adult tooth because of it, and maybe if he learned to take care of himself then he wouldnt have this problem. The dentists office cant be sued for him failing to brush, only way theyd be sued is if they took out the non decayed tooth

If you can read, they removed the wrong tooth.

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52, they pulled out a decayed tooth, so basically it had to go anyway. They just mistook it for a baby tooth but it still NEEDED to go.

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She MAY be able to get a lawsuit. This is coming from someone who works in a Dental Office. First of all, they should have taken X-Rays before doing ANY work. From those X-rays, they would have been able to see any teeth growing underneath the gum to indicate that the tooth you have now is a baby tooth and hence, the tooth underneath your gums is an adult tooth. So your dentist should NOT at all have said that your tooth was a baby tooth. If, for whatever reason, you were genuinely missing an adult tooth - as in its MIA underneath your gums, your dentist should have left your baby tooth in. The truth of the matter is, if you're young enough to still have baby teeth, your teeth could NOT have been so decayed that they were beyond repair. It is very likely that, even though your tooth was decayed, they should have been able to keep at least a remainder of it, most likely through a root canal/crown. However that being said, the majority of people who still have some baby teeth - even if they have horrible dental hygiene - at worst, they need major fillings done. Pulling the tooth out should be, with a decent dentist, the LAST resort. I would definitely get it all checked out OP. At the very least, you can get your bills covered for a bridge - a bridge will put in place a tooth for the one that's missing. :)

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"if you're young enough to still have baby teeth, your teeth could NOT have been so decayed that they were beyond repair." Are you sure about that? Because I was 30 when my last baby tooth fell out. It's hard to take you seriously when you make an uninformed statement like that.

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That's why you brush your teeth.

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don't assume stuff, maybe the OP did brush her teeth but uses a lot of crystal meth

Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing! "Meth is a hell of a drug!"

If it decayed, would you still want it? I'm no teeth expert so I'm sure someone with more knowledge will reply to this and explain to me in better terms. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, sounds like they thought your baby tooth decayed so they took it out, only to find out they took out an adult tooth which was decayed. Or did they take the wrong tooth out?

Pretty much my thoughts. And OP - if the tooth is decayed, I'm not sure you want it hanging about. Plus it's fairly gross.... perhaps you weren't brushing your teeth correctly (and by correctly I also mean using the correct technique, not just brushing more often)? YDI, unless they accidentally pulled the wrong tooth out (i.e., the decayed one is still in there). The post wasn't quite clear on that aspect.

If it was an adult tooth they could have just drilled out the decayed part and then refilled the hole. It sounds like the only reason they pulled this tooth is because it was likely to fall out soon on it's own

That's brilliant and makes 100% sense Thanks 37 that was good. No sarcasm intended.

Anyways its still an fml i dont think the op was dissapointed ib the fact that he thought it was a baby tooth, but rather the fact that an adult tooth wad badly decayed..

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im confused...they pulled out the wrong tooth? or they just removed an adult one???!?!?

Sounds like they pulled out the wrong tooth as in an adult tooth. I wonder if the baby one was pulled as well...

Well, I'm not sure, but I think it would be hard for them to accidentally pull the wrong one since the correct one is decayed. So I'm guessing they somehow (probably on the previous visit) marked it in their charts as a baby tooth mistakenly. But IDK, could be either.

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why was it decaying you don't brush your teeth? I hope it was one of your fronts, so you could learn to brush mire often.

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man, you'd think your dentist would have done that procedure enough times that he'd know the drill.

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as in dentist drill! hahaha. it was kind of weak, i admit.

Hmm... I see comments 11, 40 and 46 before mine. I don't see a reference to dentist drills. Is the commenting screwed up, or is the joke based on the "o.O"?

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Brush your damn teeth. None of your teeth should be decaying, baby or adult.

if it were a baby tooth ir really any tooth for that matter having it decay does not always mean you didn't brush your teeth. it could be a chemical unbalance, lack of nutirents or too much or other issues.

That's not even logical. Most dentists don't do too much with baby teeth because they fall out on their own, if your tooth rotted that badly and you're still young enough to have baby teeth, fyl. But it sounds to me like someone didn't quit clarify the situation to you in the first place.

I'm 21 and still have 2 baby molars. My mother is 47 and had to have a baby tooth removed 3 years ago because it finally started to go. A lot of people still have baby teeth when they're older because an adult tooth just never grew in below it, so the mouth doesn't know to get rid of it. And the problem with this is that baby teeth aren't designed to last your whole life; they're much weaker than adult teeth and much more prone to decay even if you take good care of them. So **** you for being ignorant.

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I had a baby tooth pulled at around 30 because it was still in my mouth and starting to decay just because it wasn't meant to last my whole life. The adult tooth has never grown in. It does happen.