By Sophie - 17/02/2010 05:07 - United States

Today, after recently having had surgery, I Iearnt that some extra tissue was needed to cover up the hole in the roof of my mouth. Where did they get this tissue? From a dead person. I now have the flesh of a dead person in my mouth, which by the way is now infected. FML
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that's disgusting D:

A hole in the top of your mouth... don't suck so hard next time...


that's disgusting D:

:) yucky:)

That's hawt.

You're turning into a zombie.

dead people tissue tastes like donuts did you notice?

I love donuts where can I get this tissue! hate to be you op

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ur turning me on.

It's graft tissue that's strerilized and closes a joke that probably went into your sinus. the only other choice probably would have been to cut bone out of your own hip to fill the whole. you seriously would not have liked that option.

damn spellchecker. should have read 'hole' not 'joke'

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learnt. r you fucking kidding me!?!?!?!?!

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...the living are so reluctant to give up chunks of themselves to be sewn into your mouth. the dead have less to say about it.

lol did you say learnt? I think it's learned

thinmint 0

thank you. learnt is no good... who cares. the dead tissue is sterile. be thankful you get to wake up every morning unlike the generous dead person who donated their body...

Learnt is fine. Look it up, idiot.

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I hope he will be okay.., sorry sweetie :(

ahhhh fuck oral surguries. I would rather go through kidney problems agian then go through oral surgury again. I was allergic to the pain killers and puked my stitches out. fml not yours.

FYL for being Patient Zero of the zombie apocalypse. :)

"Learnt" is acceptable in some parts of the world. Maybe you should learn to spell "are" before attacking someone else's grammar.

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thats just dead fat people

soozjw 2

Could have been worse. You could have been the dead person donating the skin graft!

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lmao that's awesome! donuts are tasty.

well where r they gonna get it from,? a live person it's like yeah would you'll like to donate skin yes sure ok bite on this towel why ul no (towel grinds) aaaaaaaaaaaaah

skin grafts are very common, and the grafts are sterilized. if it's infected it's because your nasty ass didn't take care of a healing wound.

garuru 4

zombie watch out for me im kill zombies and well ur patient zero so u die first (assasination)

The infection isn't because of the graft. it's because the human mouth contains more bacteria than any other body area. Also, what does Zombie taste like? this will be vital information once the apocalypse hits.

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I'll also have you know that they actually inject cadavers skin (aka corpse skin) into your face to smooth out wrinkles. NEVER GET FACE LIFTS, LADIES ;D

thats absoutley discusting...why the hell wouldnt they tell you u were gonna eed skin replaxement...and from a corpse!! id complain or something

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first thing I thought was zombie

**** nasty

The OP didn't have very good oral today.

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I think you got the tissue of a dead autistic kid and it's making your grammer bad.

I know right! That's nasty!

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you are awesome

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what about burnt and burned?

Why would you complain? She need a skin graft to complete her surgery. It was part of the procedure. They did everything exactly the way they were supposed to.

Fail for the people who decided to use a dead guys skin... Win for the dead guy! I guess he/she will be a part of this world long after their death... anyone for a game of Left 4 Dead?

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that's absolutely horrid

If he's turning into a zombie let's pray he is a vegetarian :)

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fuck ya I am bust tht shit out

Not at bad as getting skin from your bun for your tongue so yogurt a hairy tongue f your luckyyy

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start of the zombie apocalypse, anyone?

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eeeeeeeeeww. D:

22cute 17

Zombie mouth!

Ewwwwwww ewwwwwwww ewwwwwwww

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When bored and reading an FML like this, one's mind tends to wander.. What if they replaced every inch of his skin with a dead persons slowly over a period of years.. Would he be a zombie? Minus the bath salts, of course.

I puked...

it's perfectly normal !

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so r u :P

lol that's funny

your hot.

Aussie Aussie Aussie! :D Also - you're turning into a zombie! the neck!

she is hot. and op no bodys making out with you in the near or far future

they see me trollin', they hatin'.

haha lmfoa!! nice

oi oi oi

guckylynn 19

87 your picture makes me sick.

who's picture?

your hot ^__^

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Get over it.

# 112 I love your picture! what a cute cat! :)

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patrollin', they makin' all these spelling errors.

you're hot

You have issues and need serious counseling! :)

imkool136 22

You're weird..

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that sounds f'ing delicious!!!!!

Ewwww. That is horrifying.

hey think of it as constantly making out with a dead guy :D (Y) ill bet people will love that theyre making out of with two people at once ;)

lol wow, what a way to look at things XD.

A hole in the top of your mouth... don't suck so hard next time...

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Yeah why the hell you have a hole in your mouth? You do know that a pencil dick doesn't mean a pencil, right?

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I'm sorry, you have a dead your mouth? Necrophilia is gross so I'm going to have to vote YDI for this one.

So just because it is gross, it's bad? what about all those people in WWII who- *goes into hourlong rant*. And that is why i'm afraid of bananas. see how you shouldn't judge people on apperance?

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they probably had a cleft palate. some people are born that way.

NeonWar__ 0 did they manage that? I thought the flesh had to be living and from the person? otherwise it won't accept it? I know the whole organ transplant works, but isn't muscle and flesh different?

muscle is technically an organ along with skin so it's totally possible to use some from a dead body as long as it's kept right. OP, stuff doesn't get infected unless you didn't clean or treat it right. YDI

NeonWar__ 0

skin's an organ though, right? I see where they're getting mixed up.

NeonWar__ 0


smalltowngirl88 0

Organs are made of muscle. Look it up.

fake docs can't do skin transplants using anyone elses skin but yr own usually from yr bum cause it's basicly lard, skin and muscle. the sole reason y they don't do this is because of the extreamly high chance of the body rejecting the new tissue

immafiremylaser 0

b4 u go on teh internets typin stuf-- learn to spell correctly. by the way, lard is pig fat. Not sure why that would be in your butt. And butt cartilage transplants are only really used with implants, not transplants.

lickmyjock 0

lol lard from my butt

you're saying learn to spell when you wrote "teh" WTF?

I think that, in the first phrase #19 was taking the p*ss out of #14...that's why his lack of spelling was through the roof.

yup I think he was...

I laughed out loud at this. Lard from your butt. HAHA

he said "teh" mockingly.

19 wins.

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He did it intentionally... the whole first part of the sentence was a parody of the person to whom he's replying...

immafiremylaser 0

Hooray! People on teh interwebs can understand my sarcasm :D

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"teh internets typin stuf"? is that how to spell and your the one correcting

it was obviously intentional.. and it's *you're*