By thepixies842 - 19/05/2014 15:34 - Canada - Warkworth

Today, at my job at a fast-food restaurant, I once again got called into the men's bathroom to break up sex between two homeless people. FML
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thepixies842 tells us more.

McDonalds.. let the puns roll:)

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They were indeed "lovin' it".

Well... if you insist. They turned the bathroom into their play place and didn't give a McShit what anyone had to say about it.


I wonder how op did that? Do you just walk in and say, "we didn't want you to take 'I'm lovin' it literally"..... Awkward.

incoherentrmblr 21

You can't spell McDonalds without McDo...

#1 you should feel sorry. 'Once again', OP did you have to break up multiple homeless lovemaking in the bathroom?

I just realized how stupid my wording was. Let me try again. "How many homeless lovemaking have you broken up in the bathroom?"

Enough to post an FML about it, evidently.

They were indeed "lovin' it".

Sounds like the start of a really bad porn movie.

There's good porn movies??

KVKdragon 26

That's a matter of perspective and personal preferences that not many people are willing to share lol

And just like that. You turn my day around

They did "have it their way"

But they probably didn't eat so fresh...

They were jacking it in each other's box. (I know I'm lame) haha

I logged in just to upvote this.

@92- I logged in just to downvote you.

incoherentrmblr 21

...and they were being a bunch of McAssholes...

Evil_Wench 16

It was finger-licking good!

StiffPvtParts 43

#143 Oh God, I think I'm gonna be sick *~*

groovycrazyjoe 18

why stop them OP he was going to deliver 10 minutes or less

Maybe they wanted to "eat fresh"

how are you ???

Was it Freaky Fast?

Let's have sex in a fast food restaurant. you know, "think outside the bell".

I hope it was sex and not sucks...

AnOriginalName 19

Nope, no sucking. Just Dirty Mike and the boys turning the bathroom into a soup kitchen.

Dirty Mike and the boys would've left a note.

Why would that be a bigger problem??

kissmeImawkward 17

A note and a deer vag too.. O.o

Sounds like your restaurant needs to invest in a house installation in the bathroom.

What does that mean?

kayteakay 26

*cough* hose.

oh yeah I meant *hose. Fucking Swype. And I said "installation" because putting a hose in the bathroom won't do any good unless they have a working hose faucet for it. In my experience, restaurant bathrooms don't have one.

bluucat 17

I'm speechless. Hang in there OP.

Well that must've been awkward...hey excuse me... I don't mean to interrupt but you're gonna have to stop doing that...

"When we said that we serve foot-longs, this ISN'T what we meant..."

I hope they could afford a condom

RedPillSucks 31

A condominium.... oh wait, they're homeless.

Awe I wish you said the name of it there are so many possible puns. On a serious note you have my sympathy, and remember to wash your hands after (:

McDonalds.. let the puns roll:)

Well... if you insist. They turned the bathroom into their play place and didn't give a McShit what anyone had to say about it.

Maybe their happy meal had a little too much happy in it.

cryssycakesx3 22

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Guess the golden arches put a smile on someone's face.

New meaning to the McGangbang.

Well I guess those two were lovin' it.

Using that McDick huh

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Forgive me for this in advance, but I just pictured how this situation might have started. -Knock knock. Open up its Mickey D's. -Mickey D's who? -Mickey D's nuts in your mouth. -Well that'll be the first meal I've had all day. *commence le epic bathroom sexy time*

Did they have nice buns, or was it just plain seedy? Hope you told them to burger off and stop shaking things up there.

I can see it now: The next generation of McDonalds advertisements will present the "McGriddle" as the "McDriller" and claim that McDonalds is an aphrodisiac.

Guess you had to... Stop them from giving the secret sauce right?!

FMLworthy5000 21

She wanted a BigMac but he gave her the McFlurry instead

Homeless? Smells like McFish.

XTheDesertSongX 17

This just in: Putting "Mc" before a McWord in your McPun doesn't necessarily make it McFunny.

You watch too much bad porn lol

jrn 14

He let her taste his "special sauce"

#131 how was my mcjoke not mcfunny? its...its a item on the menu...its made of fish...

Let's hope that they don't play McMinecraft. Otherwise the universe would become a McLand of McStuff and everything is full of McDonalds.

griffin1992 9

There'a an old meaning to that???xD

@105 R u Carl Azuz (CNN Student News) (pun master)

What's all the fuss about, people put their Big Mac in someone's McFlurry everyday.

thats a super sized McNasty

That's the best pun I've seen so far Haha xD

JustStella 28

This comment reminds me of Perdix...

Where is Perdix? And Docbastard? And Noor?

why did I picture that as something horatio would say lol

make them put a lock on the restrooms.

Not sure about in Canada, but in some countries it is illegal to lock restrooms that can be used by the public.

Nope. A lot of restsurants in sketchy areas make you ask for the key to use the restrooms here. If it prevents things like this, I'm all for it.