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Today, my daughter-in-law revealed to me that she caught my husband having an affair with her best friend. This was five years ago, and she is only telling me now because he stopped paying her the blackmail money to keep her mouth shut. FML
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Things like this get me so pissed, like really just end the relationship.

rein 8

you have a daughter in law from hell.

fthislyfe 22

It was FIVE YEARS AGO! And your husband cared enough to pay her the blackmail money. Isn't that sweet?

YourEvilHero 12

maybe not a divorce, but hopefully he feels really bad about it and you two can sort things out.

fthislyfe 22

39: You don't have any sense of sarcasm.

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At least he hasn't cheated since then, you hope!

She just wanted you guy's relationship to work out, she was thinking longevity. Plus that prada bag that she's been sporting. Actually this is a win win.

Y'all are pretty naive to think that was the one and only time he cheated in five years.

Poor, poor fthislyfe. Clearly you're unaware that only 3 or 4 people are allowed to use sarcasm, and/or logic/reason, on this website. I hope the stern thumbs-downing teaches you another valuable lesson about pack-mentality.

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We have an in crowd on the FML site.. lol.


"you know it's youuu babe, giving me the courage and the strength I need please believe that it's truuuue Babe u love youuuu"

ouch. he only thinks you are worth 5 years of blackmail money?

Doesn't necessarily mean he's still having an affair considering it was 5 years ago he was caught. Still doesn't make it right but it's better to find the truth then hide from it.

enonymous 8

With the economy the way it is he made a sound financial decision. He'd probably save more with a divorce than blackmail payments.

not at all. I'm sure he definitely thought those exact words when he decided to stop paying the blackmail money.

I mean, 5 years of black mail money is allot of Ca$h

I guess it depends how much it cost for his daughter-in-law's silence. ..and how much he valued his marriage.

I think marriage is priceless but I guess this guy doesn't

...or maybe he's out of work and could no longer afford her silence. Or maybe the guilt was eating away at him, and he was planning to tell OP himself.

Either way five years of paying blackmail money when he didn't have too, no matter the amount, shows that this guy wants to be with his wife.

Killerturtle 11

5 years with blackmail money. Am I the only one who is extremely curious about how much she got?

Well the OP was surprised when her daughter-in-law pulled up to the house to tell OP about the cheating husband in a new Ferrari.

The cheating husband was in a Ferrari. Ironic, someone named grammar nazi doesn't use commas correctly. LoL

102 - Unfortunately, there was no irony in your incorrect correction of my original comment :(

Sorry 76/102. 103 is totally correct. You've got the cheating husband in the Ferrari not the douchbag daughter in law. Grammar Nazi you are not my friend.

Wouldn't a daughter-in-law be a step daughter?

There was a thing just like this on OP I'm sorry that happened, He sounds like a big jerk, You deserve better!!