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  kristat  |  14

It's also possible that his ex-girlfriend broke up with him not long after she got pregnant and may or may not have told him. He might not even be the bad guy here. (I have a female friend who did that a couple times... freak out when she got pregnant and break up with the father) Though if his last relationship progressed to the point of having a child together (maybe even more than one by the sounds of it), he may still be rebounding. So watch out for that.

  whosindahouse  |  9

He already is a father. Op said "newest child". That means he already has 1 or more children. Op could've already known about the previous one(s) and was posting this because she didn't know he was having another.
But I could be all wrong and if I'm wrong then... sorry for posting :(

  un1corns  |  15

21 - This isn't their first date. It clearly says that the OP was dating this guy for 'the past few months'.. it really isn't strange to bring up the topic of kids with someone you've been seeing for months.

  downtime  |  12

101, She doesn't get a say in it either way. It was before she was around and none of her business what he did then. The only thing she does get to do is choose whether or not she's prepared to date someone with children, and if she is, she has to accept this as part of it.
Obviously this assumes there is no missing information and he really did give full disclosure. It sucks yes, but you deserve it because you chose to be with someone who has one or more children to another person.

  justjazzmyn  |  3

113- if they are serious, actually him getting a girl, or girls, pregnant is her business. even if it is in the past. pretty sure you would like to know if someone you were seeing was having a child. also, he might have hid it from her for a long time, & she could already be emotionally attached to him & feels like she doesn't have a choice to be w/ him or not.

  downtime  |  12

My apologies, I was really meaning she doesn't get to judge what he did before he was with her in his other relationships. If she doesn't like the situation she is free to leave, not sit around bitching about it. Of course I believe she should be told about any of his children, in no way do I think he would be doing the right thing by keeping it a secret.
I figured the line "Obviously this assumes there is no missing information and he really did give full disclosure." was explanatory of the point.

  thatKidzmOm  |  10

And even if they're not with the same person...still doesn't mean crap. I have a daughter with my ex husband and one on the way with my future husband. Does that make me a whore? Shouldn't be so judgmental, guys!

  perdix  |  29

#11, actually, if it is used correctly, "newest" means he actually has at least two other children. If he had only one other child, the correct adjective would be the comparative form, "newer."

You see what the Grammar Nazis are driving at? If you use grammar correctly, you can transmit a lot of information in few words.

By  music_woman1  |  11

How do you know that he's still with the mother of his child? If he is, I'd say dump him, he's pathetic enough to cheat on his partner AND have the nerve to ask for a ride.. If he's not then either accept that he has children or dump him, there's no other way to it

  spazz666  |  18

So he's a loser because he wants to be there for the birth of his child? I'd say if he wasn't there because he was off fucking some chick he'd be more of a loser.... But obviously your logic is better than mine.