By Anonymous - 29/12/2012 08:25 - United States - Sun Prairie

Today, at the hospital I work at, I had to deliver my best friend's baby. I later found out that my ex boyfriend was the father. Normally this wouldn't faze me, but it did because we broke up last month. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52

Now you can move on to better guys, who aren't douchebags! At least it isn't you who has his kid.

What a good best friend you have... FYL. Now you'll be reminded of being betrayed everytime you see her baby.


Hiimhaileypotter 52

Now you can move on to better guys, who aren't douchebags! At least it isn't you who has his kid.

aussieaccents 7

Aw OP I'm sorry :( Think of it as another reason to move on from his sorry cheating ass

Nice thread-jack.

klovemachine 24

Nice fail 19 :)

Nice fail #58 ;)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I've never had anyone threadjack me before! I feel speshul. ;P

I'm sorry that OP dated a dishonest douche, but I'm sorrier for the kid. I hope this asshat has turned over a new leaf...

perhaps that kid isn't your exboyfriend's own, you never know that anything possible @_@

The FML indicated that her ex was the father. And given that they broke up less than a month before, that has to be the fastest pregnancy ever.

DrainedOfSanity 4

If this is "normal" for you, you may want rethink things...

What a good best friend you have... FYL. Now you'll be reminded of being betrayed everytime you see her baby.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Oh... Wow... That's a little dark? I mean, you can't blame the child. It was just brought into this world. :(

Having negative feelings associated with this child doesn't mean that OP actually blames the baby or directly resents it. I personally wouldn't be interested in seeing the "friend" or the child anytime thereafter, so perhaps OP feels the same way and can avoid this situation entirely.

At least you weren't with him at that point, but it definitely doesn't help adding salt to a wound. Sorry OP, but onward you go!

More like lemon juice...

I think she meant they have been together for more than 9 months therefore the baby was conceived while they were together...

24, 3 Means atleast she isn't with the cheating manwhore when the baby arrived..

24- that was the point of the whole FML. I don't know where you are getting that anyone was confused on that point

VScpu 3

I would imagine the guy broke up with OP because his baby with her best friend was coming soon.

She found out after the fact that the father was the ex if you read carefully

-102 good point. I didn't really think if that!

ashla1019 5

Douche. Lol. Who needs him? Not you. And he probably won't be there for that child anyways. Don't worry bout it. :)

What if they weren't dating 9 months ago? Then he didn't do anything that bad.

74 - If he wasn't dating OP nine months ago, it means he knocked a girl up and ran away when he found out.

Apparently they were, as she broke up with him just last month.

Ex best friend*

YDIbroski 7

YDI for not knowing your bf (at the time) was cheating on you with your best friend.

You, sir, are an idiot.

Your first two comments suck, and you are an idiot! People can't help these sorts of things! I'm sure OP wishes they had known about their boyfriend and best friend.

Completely agree with 6, whenever I get cheated on I get an alert from my iCheat app.

Damn it. 15 I was going to make that but my ex cheated on me and left me. Gave my codes to someone else! :( Sure wish I had the Icheat then! :(

6- Pardon me, sir....did you just say it was her fault that someone else in her life made bad life decisions while sharing an exclusive relationship with her, because she didn't know? Because I'm certain you wouldn't actually say anything as Fucking Retarded as that, right? It'd be like me saying you'd deserve a shot in the face, just because you didn't know I was going to give you one: somehow that makes it your fault, not mine. Foolishness. :p

I don't know sometimes... crap! I just got an alert my GF is hooking up with some guy.

44- Your fault! YDI! ;D

YDIbroski 7

In my country, we can ask our wifes a question, and they will answer truthfully. If we find they are lying, we divorce them and their family must pay compensation.

so.. You: Wife did you eat last cookie? wife: No. You: Liar, I saw you! Divorce! By the way op is the girlfriend.. The boyfriend being the dumbass cheated so what does your culture say about that...

#53 lololol Yeah like we're gonna believe that if the consequence of cheating is divorce and family dishonor, "your" women will tell you they have been around. Get over yourself.

That's funny. You're wife probably lied to you and is banging the whole village.

Nigeria and lagos sound like they need to be washed away of ignorant idiots like you #6

Cheating on your partner and without using proper protection? Talk about a lack of respect here. Edit, since it was your best friend, did you never wonder who the mysterious father was?

Protection isn't always 100% effective, but the ex boyfriend is still a complete ass, as is the (ex?) best friend

chickenflem 8

That's what I was thinking (the wondering who the father was) I'm pretty sure if she was your best friend you of all people would have at least met the father unless.....she lied and had a random guy fake it. But still. Some best friend smh!

So you're saying it would have been ok if he used protection? What fucken planet are you from?

-105 she's not saying it would be ok if he used protection, she's saying he should at least have the decency of putting a condom on!

Sounds like they make a perfect family. Forget all 3 of them and move on to better friends and boyfriends.

Go let them be one of those "happy families" .. If he was willing to cheat on you with her, he is more than likely willing to cheat on her with some one else if he hasn't already.. Assuming this was a long term relationship between the two

Sounds like an episode of Grey's Anatomy, but in real life... Someone's got some explaining to do, but i doubt if that would do you any good really... Sorry

CharresBarkrey 15

Well... Burke did diagnose his friend's sterilization when his wife was pregnant.

Well OP at least you're not with him anymore. Was the baby cute or was it an alien looking one?

That's horrible. Not the child's fault. At all.

I'm not saying it is, I'm just saying not all baby's are cute when they're born.