By ashily24 - 07/02/2018 15:00

Today, I went and had my first ultrasound done. My husband said he had a meeting at work, and couldn't come. As I was leaving, I saw him at the doctor's office with another heavily pregnant woman. FML
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Sorry to hear that. Time for a divorce. And make sure you get proper child support from the prick.

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Sorry to hear that. Time for a divorce. And make sure you get proper child support from the prick.

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Because if that were true, he wouldn't have had to lie...?

I think it’s a highly unlikely scenario anyways, but it’s not a complete lie that it’s a “work meeting.” Even in that case, he’s a jerk for preferring any woman over his wife.

Mmmm I highly doubt that is in anyone's job description to take pregnant bosses to the doctor.

Even if that were true, which it's not, OP's husband clearly knew where his wife's appointment was. He could have easily walked his ass over to see his pregnant wife. But I guess assisting your mistress/lover/girlfriend is more important than going to an appointment to see how your child and wife is doing. Cheaters are one of the worst people on this planet. To be in a marriage and step out of that vow and get another woman pregnant is one of the worst things you can do to someone. Freaking divorce me so I don't have to deal with you.

I didn't realize we were married. I guess that's pretty indicative of what went wrong. I told you I needed you to be more affectionate to me, but no, you kept neglecting me and callously treating me like your paycheck with legs. My decision to step out on you was driven mostly by how you treated me. I recognize that it didn't work out between you and me, but I can't let you leave thinking you were innocent in the failure of our marriage.

It means Original Poster, so you don't have to refer to the - well, original poster - by nickname. I think this is universal internet language so you will encounter that a lot. :)

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Did you not learn about context clues in elementary school? Why would a man be at an OBGYN with a woman that appeared “heavily pregnant” if she was just fat? There may be some obscure reason you could use to justify your lack of logical deduction, but everyone else is taking the OP’s word at face value.

Did you confront him right then? I need more details. at any rate, I'm terribly sorry and indeed-FYL

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He knew you were having an ultrasound, he presumably knew who the Dr. so why would he take another woman to the same doctor at essentially the same time? If he did that you may be better rid of him as he sounds like a hammer in a box of chisels.

Probably because he's an idiot. And it probably would have been tough for him to say, "I can't take you to the doctor. My wife goes to that doctor and is having her ultrasound then."

It wouldn’t have been tough for him to lie, though. He did it to his wife, after all.

Either he isn't the brightest tool in the shed like someone else has mentioned, or it could have been for either of the two reasons: (1) It shows how much he "cares" for his wife for him to not even remember who the doctor is, or (2) He did it on purpose since he is too much of a whip to reveal the truth to her, thus made sure the appointment was on the same date and around the same time so that she can catch him "accidentally"

oh honey, I'm so so sorry! Time for divorce for that piece of shit she can ******* have him

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Yes I agree he is an asshole but since my daughters father is also an asshole my best friend and now husband went with me to almost all my ultrasounds and was around for everything during my pregnancy with her while my ex only saw me 19 times and even missed her birth (he came and saw us the next day) she actually prefers my husband over her own father when we see her (I was forced to give her up for adoption) so who knows op you might be better off with out your douchebag husband

Okay, but if it were a friend he was taking, he would be honest and tell her he's taking a friend to the doctor since the sperm donor is an asshole.

So a friend is that much more important than his own wife and child? Don't make excuses for the prick.