By bjfail - 09/01/2010 15:56 - United Kingdom

Today, the guy I have been seeing stopped me in the middle of sex and told me to finish him off by going down on him instead. After a few minutes, I looked up to discover that the noises I had thought were moans of pleasure were actually the sounds of him snoring. FML
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UnicornsDoExist 0

since when do snores sound like moans of pleasure?

amberbby69 6

If he actually stopped you in the middle, then that means you were just bad, period.


leadrunner751 3


ydi for being a slut

...……uh...ugh... Ouch

1800getalife 0

number two epic fail

this is definitly fake... nice try tho

not true, this happened to me once with my ex boyfriend, he come home super tired, and eneded up falling asleep while I was giving him a bj


wow u must b bad!

YDI.... u ugly bitch

YDI for giving boring blow-j's. It's sad, but it's true. Actually, FHL.

was his name Sanjiv by any chance? lol