By Anonymous - 01/11/2010 17:30 - United States

Today, I drove to the hospital to see my newborn. I went to the room, picked him out of the crate and held him. Then I heard the toilet flush and saw a woman who I didn't know come out. She screamed. My wife was in the room next door. FML
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Haha she came out of the bathroom & sees a random hobo holding her newborn.

u shouldve ran off with the baby


well that was stupid..

Exactly, how does he not recognize his own baby?! I mean even if it is a newborn, they don't look THAT similar. When my triplet siblings were born they all looked incredibly different.

if he was going to see it for the first time he wouldnt know what it looked like

herpaderp, I've never seen my baby but I know what it looks like

thesunsetglow, quit being dumb. babies look incredibly similar. people have been known to take the wrong baby home from the hospital after spending days with the newborn.

Yup. There have been cases of the wrong newborns being breastfed as well.

Which is why most hospitals almost never take the baby out of the mothers room unless there is something wrong with the baby. In fact it is recommended that you request that your child stays in your room unless it is medically impossible do to such common mishaps. That is what i was told to do when I had my daughter.

u shouldve ran off with the baby

Haha she came out of the bathroom & sees a random hobo holding her newborn.

hahaha mental picture!

i like ur profil pic

lol the joke would be to actually run away and to be a... I don't know what someone end it for me.

a rapist? pedophile? Hmm.

A baby stealer!

Haha. Nice move.

You are so pretty :)

he's climbing in yo windows he's snatchin yo people up

Good reference.

He had a point when he said, "Hide yo kidz"...

win!! I just watched that video 5 minutes ago

You should have taken the baby! Then, the lady could write an FML, too! Be generous; let everyone win.

No she would go to the police and the sue the hospital

Sherman - do yourself a favor and look up "sarcasm" in the dictionary. That's the big book with lots of words and their definitions in it.

I am sorry I only understand sarcasm when done well

i would scream to

To whom would you scream? Please finish what you started -- the suspense is unbearable.

I'm sure this will make a great icebreaker to use later

So yesterday I was holding this baby.....