By vsf - 02/08/2011 00:31 - United States

Today, my parents wouldn't let me go to the fair because they reckon my IQ is so low, I could quite possibly choke on cotton candy and pass out confused by the hall of mirrors. FML
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mandywaffles 0

I thought cotton candy melted in your mouth...

Gamakichi 0

Well if you were able to post this, and use standard proper English; you'd probably, at the least, be allowed entry.


RiNGObutters 5

That's really bad parenting skills to discourage you like that. :/

MizzErikaHart 8

they reckon..? lol. I reckon you try to get a job there

DimaL 9

Yea sometimes parents can suck :(

MagicGiraffe 12

Depends, are you the same person that couldn't figure out how the car has electricity when the powers out...?

You should remind your parents that your IQ would have to be lower than Paris Hilton's for that to happen. Which is impossible.

poopman777 0

5 bucks says op is a hick.

Fadeity 7

Actually, Paris wouldn't be choking on anything. (;

AaronTkr 0

apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

take an iq test and prove them wrong. if you can figure out how

50, I'm pretty sure that the OP got his/her IQ score from an IQ test. Unless there are other means of getting your scores.

Op said his/her parents reckoned. So they were guessing her iq I don't know if I make scnsse

50 I know where you got that picture from!!!

SirObvious 1

but BUD candy cotten melts in yur mouth! and erry body know that hall o mirrors witch craft anyho!

sematariux 7

27 ftw

Paris can choke on things. It just wouldn't be cotton candy ':}

PlastikSeraph 2

You might be a redneck if...

RiNGObutters 5

56, the OP doesn't say they have taken one, just that the parents believe they have an incredibly low one for some reason. :I

OP said "reckon" maybe their parents r right and they are dumb as a post!

I hope they were just teasting you OP...

And you're a dick.

Gamakichi 0

Well if you were able to post this, and use standard proper English; you'd probably, at the least, be allowed entry.

kings1fan 6

Who says reckon! Haha

39- my uncle for some reason...

Yes, because cotton candy have been proven to be the no.1 cause for rising death rate.

xmayne 0

yea I don't thing using 'reckon' is helping your case out.

PHall93 0

if you would, ever so nicely, quit using, so many breaks, in your sentences, thatd be nice too.

skylerXx 6

Stupidity runs in the family. no worries bub. :P

don't mess around with accents! that's bullshit. yall are just mad the south is better

This post is infinitely better if you read it in the voice of Stinky from Hey Arnold!

mandywaffles 0

I thought cotton candy melted in your mouth...

sxe_beast 11

That's a lie that has been carefully crafted by the Illuminati.

Or maybe the OP's IQ is fine but the parents IQ's aren't...

they're saying that their daughter is so stupid shed choke on it. that's the joke

She'll find a way...

I died laughing at sxe beasts joke. XD

Wow,thanks for clearing that up.

if you compact alot of cotton candy into a wad then you can choke.

oh is that the joke 37?..

mandywaffles 0

125 - You're oh so very welcome.

SystemofaBlink41 27

37- damn how obvious can you get?

Yeah. Maybe the parents are the ones with the low IQ?

kiran_fml 5

You can't choke on cotton candy, it would dissolve. Your parents might need to think a little harder...

I think it might be the parents we need to worry about...

sourgirl101 28

I've choked on my own spit before. I think everyone has. But I didn't die... yet (:

flockz 19

ive choked on..... well alot of things lets not get into that.

tylersign 11

Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe the parents shouldn't be allowed in the fair..

What have you done to make them think you're that dumb?

Did OP just say "reckon"?

that's what I was thinking, 68. I mean, I live in Oklahoma and I've never heard ANYONE say that in a serious matter.

She sucks instead of blow?

Sun_Kissed18 25

That could be a funny story, I reckon :P

Fyl for being stupid


Goodatbeingbad 9

Hey #7, your picture matches your comment.(: Congratulations.(:

Fyl for being stupid

why couldn't they go with you?

Hey, though it sounds rude, they tell you this because they love you :)

And they say your IQ is low, cause choking from cotton candy....seriously?

Maybe it's happened before ;)

maby the were exagerating, or OP is stupid enoght to choke on cotton candy..

HahaNOTFunnyx_x 0

43- I Dont Think Its Possible To Choke On Cotton Candy As It Dissovles In Your Mouth

Thank you 11. I appreciate your politeness in calling me what I embrace. I am a creeper and proud.

It is easy to choke on cottin candy that is why i no longer have an uncle

I suspect it has brought up memories of the day the OP was conceived. The noise, the smells, the high blood sugar levels, the unresistable call of the Hall of Mirrors....