By Anonymous - 14/02/2015 02:43 - United States - Titusville

Today, I gave birth to a baby girl. Where was my husband after the agony finally ended? Standing just outside the room, flirting with a nurse. FML
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At least he wasn't busy selling 1.2 million dollars worth of meth.


Yes. OP would have had a kid now whether or not her husband had flirted with a nurse.

But the bright side of the situation is that she is now holding a beautiful baby girl. I don't know, it's part of the FML, I fail to see the irrelevance.

At least he wasn't busy selling 1.2 million dollars worth of meth.

I kinda wanna hear the story behind this comment

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#5, I'm pretty sure that was just a breaking bad reference

Does Saul handle divorces? OP better call him.

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I'm not so sure that would be worse

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Better call The Wolf from Pulp Fiction...

I'm so sorry that you have an asshole for a husband. I couldn't imagine how it would feel to go through that during what's supposed to be a positive and beautiful moment.

I agree. Like his wife JUST delivered a baby. How the **** can he go off and flirt with another woman? It's like a slap in the face to OP.

aw congrats on the baby! sorry about the flirting part though

I'm pretty sure that says where your relationship stands. When you are giving him something so special, he's sure showing you his loyalty.

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WoW that sucks. Hopefully you work things out or if he's that daring to do it while your around just imagine what he does when your not

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Your husband's got some freakin nerve! What the hell

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They are both equally at fault. It takes two to tango! Shame on both of them

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What? How is this ops fault by lying in hospital giving birth?