By eggmarie - United States - Lancaster
Today, my power finally came back on. I excitedly went and spent $100 to refill my fridge, only to come back home and discover the power is out again, and might not be back on for another three days. FML
eggmarie tells us more :
Going to answer major questions here: I'm a college kid. I live alone and have a small fridge. I shop at Walmart with coupons and that's how I managed to fill my fridge on $100. I have AEP and the power was on for a bit before it went back off (not enough time for the fridge to get cold again) so I assumed I was okay. Apparently it was a "test run" I borrowed coolers from family and got some ice. I just moved here a few weeks ago and haven't met many new people so I'm stuck at my house. Thank you for the well wishes and crossing my fingers that it's back sooner than anticipated!
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  X_Codes  |  11

@5: Most of the stuff in your fridge can actually survive quite a while. Dairy milk and yogurt go bad (don't know about soy), but cheese and eggs will be fine. Packaged meats will be OK if the package stays sealed. Veggies and fruit will be fine, regardless. Mayonnaise will go bad if opened and peanut butter might also, but most other condiments like ketchup should be fine.

  mduffy08  |  8

46 - I'm sorry but, the point of the refrigerator is to keep foods that will go bad out in un-regulated temperatures... Why else would you have a fridge?

  whosindahouse  |  9

So you can keep food LONGER, not necessarily to keep food. As 46 said, some food can survive for a few days not in the fridge and even longer in the fridge. Some food, however, can not get left out for a few hours because they can spoil. 46 is not implying that you don't need a fridge. He/she is just saying that some food do not HAVE to be kept in the fridge.

  chellyX92  |  8

You can return food (at least on east coast America you can). I work at a supermarket I get returns on meat and milk all the time. Just recently a family returned this ham meal they were going to make but changed their minds.

  mduffy08  |  8

58 - Yeah I don't think that's exactly correct, food can be tampered with. You have no clue what they have access to, so it should be assumed that the food is no longer up for consumption and should be tossed. You can return food yes, but for a refund because maybe the store did something wrong/recalled food.

  justjazzmyn  |  3

lmao, now i feel stupid. i'm 16. i don't live alone, & my job isn't at a grocery store, & i've never been the one to buy groceries. so i didn't know you couldn't return them. lol.

  KrazieKleo  |  13

I also work at a grocery store. Our policy is to refund the product and toss it away or put it away for credit from the vendor. Some vendors do 100% money back some don't.