By Cereal_mistress - 07/10/2013 18:54 - United States - Sonoma

Today, my boyfriend and I went to the doctor's for an ultrasound, as I'm 7 months pregnant. Then he went home and took his wife out to dinner for her birthday. FML
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Calling him your boyfriend and then saying he has a wife implies you know and are fine with him cheating. No sympathy for you.

Cheater; I can't see how you deserve sympathy. His wife needs to know.


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It is pathetic when people cheat on their partner. Sorry to hear op, FYL

How is it fuck her life? She clearly knew that he was married, so she deserves this on every level. Fuck the baby's life though, poor dear doesn't deserve any of it

No, just fuck the baby's life. She's calling this married man get boyfriend and OP's name implies it's not the first time she's done it. Or she's a mistress that likes cereal.

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This could go either way, Op could be a home wrecker, and could have known her partner was already married before hand. Or OP could have just recently found out he was married, and feels stuck cause she is pregnant. Either way, this situation is fucked up. Poor baby .

Plus, no matter who raises the baby, someone will get screwed. If OP's "boyfriend" leaves his wife for OP to raise it, then she knowingly ended a marriage and left the wife to pick up the pieces on her own. If he doesn't leave her, then I doubt he and his wife will raise it, as the baby wasn't theirs together, so the baby will either be raised by a single parent, or given up for adoption. Then like 20 years later he or she will find out the truth and who knows what will happen then. OP, you should feel ashamed.

this just sounds like a classic case of a mistress waiting and waiting for a man to leave his wife . and being seven months pregnant finally realizing it isn't going to happen . hence she's so upset he'd rather be with his wife on her birthday than be with you . like I said before she isn't the victim . however , if she is just NOW finding out that he was married after being boyfriend and girlfriend than yes , FYL . but this has YDI written all over it .

And then, fml will have a new post.

152-- I wonder if her case of the mistress is even worse. I wonder if she got pregnant on purpose hoping he would leave his wife. Op, I hope that is not the case.

#178 then that would make her not only a whore but also DUMB ! yeah a man would want a baby by his mistress to bring more trouble to his home :| . if OP did do it on purpose then she's a new breed of stupid .

Cheater; I can't see how you deserve sympathy. His wife needs to know.

I posted before I completely understood the FML. OP is a complete homewrecker if she is still dating this guy when she knows he is clearly married. OP, poor wife needs to know. Don't let this go on. The wife's version is the real sad one, "Today, on my birthday, I found out my husband has had a girlfriend for a long time now, and she's seven months pregnant. FML"

Not to mention stupid. Women who knowingly date married men are the stupidest people on earth. He married his wife for a reason. If he doesn't file for divorce or, at the very least, promise to file for divorce and then follow through immediately, before starting a new relationship, he's not going to divorce his wife later. My ex husband got his girlfriend pregnant while he was married to me, and guess what he did. He left town and came back to me, his childless wife, and ignored all her texts and calls. I only found out when she got so angry that she contacted me and told me everything. Apparently he'd told her that he was going to divorce me and marry her, but that's not what happened. If he had wanted a divorce, he would have been the one to file for one, not me. Sorry, OP, but if you think your boyfriend is going to leave his wife for you after you've already been pregnant with his child for seven months, you're kidding yourself. At least your boyfriend is sticking with you through the pregnancy, but that doesn't mean he'll leave his wife, because if he was going to he would have already, and he certainly wouldn't be taking her out for her birthday. I suggest you dump him and sue him for child support, and then find someone who is unattached. If you found out about his wife after you got pregnant and now feel stuck, then my heart does break for you. But if you knew before, then I must say you've been very foolish and have only brought this predicament on yourself, but that only means you need to wise up and stop doing what got you in this mess in the first place.

But what if OP didn't find out until recently (after he got her pregnant) that he was married? If that's the case then he needs to take responsibility, but yes the wife should know about it. Something similar happened to my uncle-he found out that his ex-wife had a boyfriend the entire time they were dating/married. Except for the fact that the Bf knew about my uncle and planned the entire thing with her so she could get her citizenship up here. We didn't find out until their daughter was 7 -_- . If OP knew he was married before they got together, then I will be delivering one bushel of YDI. Otherwise FHL, FtBL, and FtWL.

These comments are too long to read.

105- Your comment is too stupid to read.

105 - No, you're just borderline illiterate. gracehi's post is one paragraph.

I agree, but I am wondering if the wife knows. There are a lot of things to do while you are having the baby, and I doubt he could get away for all of them. She would have to know, or he is the best con man around.

I think we all can agree on something here, we know OP slept with a married man and ended up getting pregnant. We all can agree that.. 105's comment is too short. Right? I mean a one sentence comment!? What is this, the 90's? Geez..

Disgusting OP I hope you're ashamed of yourself and i hope your poor baby better be raised by a real family YDI!

I have to agree with 103. Maybe she recently found out that he was married, maybe he let it slip on accident. Either way, the wife needs to know right away. I wouldn't jump to conclusions and say that OP is a homewrecker, that may not be the case. But it takes two people to cheat, it's the husbands sole responsibility to stay faithful, which he clearly can't do.

Whether she knew before or not, she is not the only one to blame in this situation, maybe unless she wore the guy down until he gave in. Yeah, if you know a guy is married you probably shouldn't try to go after him - but if you're married maybe you shouldn't be getting with other people?

It was pretty easy for me.

Calling him your boyfriend and then saying he has a wife implies you know and are fine with him cheating. No sympathy for you.

However, she could be poor and may have already been pregnant when she found out about his wife. She would need someone to help her with the baby. But it is a very sore situation.

If that was the case, he wouldn't be her "boyfriend" and the wife would probably no longer be his wife. Both OP and the husband are of the worst sort.

I agree, but a desperate person will do desperate things.

I agree with you 110%

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#4: What the absolute fuck..... You'd want a baby who's dad you're not married to? Or be the baby and feel like your life has to be a secret cuz your dad's a damn cheater? Not all child births are worth congratulating.

So apparently you have to be married in order to want a child, 106? Guess my mom did it wrong.

Check my reply to Welshites comment, I said I didn't read the FML properly.

#128: let's not talk about your dear mother unless your not-married-to-your-mom father has another wife

#148: oh... Apologies :) haha I'll check it

Oh btw 128, my parents aren't married either, so to answer your question, no you don't.

No you don't have to be married, but if you are gonna have a baby, THE OTHER PERSON SHOULDN'T BE MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE.

Dear OP, I really hope you didn't know he was married when you guys met. If you did then you're a complete moron. No sympathy from me!!

This is the most shocking FML I've read in a while! I'm not sure which of my emotions is in the lead here.

Ugh, those people make me sick, and should be decked in the face by Mike Tyson.

Who the (bleep) did I marry? Is a show on Netflix that this guy possibly was on.

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Yes and no, and psychologist will tell you that both parents male/female or whatever combo you prefer is more conducive to a healthy adulthood then anything

No mom can replace a dad, they can do their best, but they can't.

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Actually, sons raised by single mothers are statistically far more likely to act out or develop behavioral and social issues than ones raised by single fathers, or ones raised with a non father, stable masculine role model (masculine lesbian partners have proven as effective as long term boyfriends of the mother).

@98 Last time I checked my Dad had some extra hardware my mom didn't. He gave me some pretty boss tips about said hardware. So ummmmm yeah having a dad around definitely helped. Pretty sure I would have refused to listen to a woman/random dude about these things.

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I'm not saying OP isn't capable of raising the child. but she isn't capable of being the father.

#161: "The only reason a child raised by a single woman would be a little punk is because generally women don't discipline enough." Incorrect. It's generally shown that young boys model their behaviour after their father, or lacking that, a strong masculine influence. Just like how young girls find all the qualities in their father that they'll look for in a future partner and how the role of a father does have a prevalent impact on the child(ren)'s life. A two-parented home will generally be more productive than a one-parent home; however there are always exceptions to rules like this, such as an abusive mother or father/partner, an inconsistent parent (in-and-out of the child's life) toxic relationship, so forth and so on.

You guys are all taking my comment way too far. I was simply offering OP encouragement. It's gotta be hard being in that situation.

How can you have been pregnant with his kid for 7 months and just NOW have a problem and/or realize that he's married?

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