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Today, I got a call from my daughter's pre-school. Apparently, she is being suspended, for answering; "What do your parents do at home?" She told them, "My parents fuck." FML
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Punishing kids for blatant honesty. Gotta love society.


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No astronaut in all that space?

Awwww, poor DoomJeff is gonna get called a moron now by all the idiots who don't understand that moderators edit things. :( It's okay DoomJeff, I saw it and thought your comment was funny.

methinks you suck as a parent or have a older child who likes tricking their younger sibling.

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i've seen kids EXPELLED from pre-school. happened on Supernanny last night as a matter of fact

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Just because it happened on ******* Supernanny doesn't mean it's real.

OP, your kid ******* rocks! Hopefully you'll remember that when you have to pay for a shitload of therapy.

my boyfriend was expelled from his preschool. so, you are correct in a sense, but kids CAN get expelled from preschool.

methinks you shouldn't say methinks ever again, what are you 9?

Good for you.. These days, most of the kids would have answered: "fight"..

i dont get it..... Wat is an astronaut in space?

you would be dating a preschooler... jesus. chicks these days.

I was expelled from preschool so it does happen

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134, I agree withh yuuu /: also, despite that, I still think it's sad how this child said anything like that in the first place.

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mmmmmmm wonder where she learned that word????????????

Punishing kids for blatant honesty. Gotta love society.

She was probably suspended for swearing. My elementary school atleast was somewhat strict on cursing, so I'd assume a pre-school would be more stringent.

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Um. Maybe you shouldn't do that in front of her. ;D

.........well damn. I kinda want to know the whole story on this.

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If you think something like knowing the word "****" (maybe even from a sibling putting the TV on with the kid around or something or maybe someone like an older brat saying parents do that or something), is grounds for taking a child away from their parents and shoving them into the hellhole of abuse and misery that foster parenting often is, you're the one who's the most screwed up here.

bittersweets 2

I knew the word "****" when I was about 4 years old and my mother never uses it and didn't let me watch TV unsupervised by then... oviously you can learn such words from other children. But if she learned it a home, her mother sucks!

crzyry 6

@moe: I'm not screwed up and I'm tired of hearing everyone rag on this countries foster programs. I was raised in the system and I'm doing damn well for myself. That kid needs some discipline.

Just because you were lucky doesn't mean it's that way for all children in foster care. At any rate, given the fact that the kid could've picked that up from anywhere doesn't mean she should be taken off her parents. That's ridiculous.

With all due respect: "**** YOU #11! You're the embodiment of everything wrong with child protective services." You seriously had better be a troll, people who think that really shouldn't exist. Now that I've said that: - I'm doubtful people suspend preschoolers, but I'm not from Texas... so i wouldn't know. - Sex isn't some filthy disgusting immoral in every way act that is somehow tolerated in society because without it we die off. It's an expression of love, it feels awesome, and it is consensual. RAPE is wrong. Sex is not. - I'm sorry, but I just can't side with the educational system on this one. Why do they have punishments for using a very select vocabulary? I can SORT OF understand why a parent would do that, but it's just stupid trying to extend that into the educational system. Shelter parents just have to learn to accept that the whole world isn't going to put on a mask and pretend to be something it's not every time your innocent little precious is within earshot. If you think it's worth it to punish everyone who doesn't do this... you're ignorant, in denial, and stupid. I WOULD comment FYL, but frankly it doesn't merit that. You've got a lively sex life with your husband and you've got an awesome daughter who tells it like it is.

Seeing as your responses indicate you're on crack, I'd hesitate to agree you're doing well.

crzyry 6

@twinkle: Luck? Luck had nothing to do with it, I worked my ass off. A kid in foster care or the system has just as big of chance at sucess as everyone else. All that matters is the effort put forth.

crzyry 6

@bridge: Hmmmmmm, very nice insult. Maybe I'll go smoke some right now, tell your mom I'll be right over!

crzyry 6

@Twinkle: Don't you think if the child was taught that word outside of the house than she would have used it at home at some point?

crzyry 6

@billy: With all due respect, kiss my ass. It's people like you who are responsible for the kids stuck in unsafe, nasty and violent families. Sex may not be bad but it has no place in a child's mind.

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Agreed with 42billybob, 100% Sex is nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

crzyry 6

No one said be ashamed of sex but don't put it all in your kids face.

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nobody said it was shoved in the kid's face. she probably learned it from other kids. i knew what sex was at age four, only because of my older brother flaunting his knowledge of it. it's not a big ******* deal, & NOT grounds to take a kid away from her family, which (GASP!) may in fact, be a GOOD family. don't give me the sob story that you were raised in foster care. both of my parents are dead, & i was in that system until me, my twin sister, & my brother (who was fifteen) were adopted when i was eight (i'm now fifteen). you were lucky. my foster parents always had at LEAST one kid that had been abused & mistreated by their foster parents. & frankly, I ALWAYS HATED MY FOSTER PARENTS. they seemed like heartless people who just wanted money from the government. chances are, OP's daughter loves her parents, & OH GOD FORBID SHE KNOWS THE WORD ****. TL;DR? foster care is hell.

no a foster kid has a way lower chance of success than a rich white kid from a great family. A poor black kid born to a teenage mother in Compton does not have the same chance of success as a rich white kid who goes to a private school and has access to a lot of resources. People don't all have the same opportunities as others. it is a fact of life. Some people just start out in better situations than others. It isn't fair but it is reality.

crzyry 6

@ jweezy: My point isn't that blacks from blue collared families have the same shot as whites from white collared families but black orphans have just as much chance as other blacks from good homes.

crzyry 6

also @ jweezy: Speaking of reality, it is reality that orphans can have it rough but so can everybody else. My life was far from easy but I worked my ass off and pulled through it all.

crzyry 6

@ sparky: sob story? Seems you're the 1 with the sob story. My parent's and my mom's parents were all killed in a plane crash and my dad's parents didn't want anything to do with me, forcing me into

crzyry 6

foster care at 6 where I stayed for 12 years but I didn't sit on my ass and cry and bitch about how unfair my life was, I did what I had to to get where I am. I'm sorry that you had it rough in foster

crzyry 6

care but without that system where would you and I be today? All the kids that I watched leave the system without permission ended up dead or in prison.. It can be good or bad but it's whatever you

crzyry 6

make out of it. All that beinb said, I will admit that my comment about the child being taken away was too much based off the very little info given here.

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Dude, shut up. Your life sucks. Big deal, so do a lot of other peoples'. People's. Damnit! But the point here is that you cannot simply take a kid away from her parents (whom we know nothing about) because- holy crap- she knows a bad word. Society's a mess, but it doesn't work that way. 4yrold: Fuckity **** ****. Society: ERROR. MUST TERMINATE PARENTS. *zzt, zzt!* No. And here's another thing- just because she's four doesn't mean she's not smart enough to know better than to mention a bad word around her parents. But, the fact remains that she said it at preschool, probably because she didn't expect consequences. The end. Of story. Thank you for your patronage, it will be well spent- I mean donated.

alright stop arguing. I understand your way of thinking although I don't agree with it. there are reasons to take away children from parents that are totally legitimate, but knowing the f word isn't one. when my kid was a toddler and I picked him up from day care one day, the first thing he said was "hi dickface!" I slapped him on the hand and washed his mouth with soap, and haven't heard that word from him since. a bit of discipline (maybe not a suspension) can usually put a little kid back in his place. still, an innocent word a kid has no idea about is no reason to have him taken away.

dhaworth93 8

bro you are damn right it's bullshit for the parents to let there child know that word let alone know her parents do it I think this is what is referred to as the TRASH of society!

@42billybob, you're an idiot. Enough said.

11- what the hell is wrong with you, how about you go interview the parents first if your going to say stupid ass shit like that you dumb ****

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You can't fix ignorance, I don't understand why you're all trying. One bigot's opinion doesn't matter.

I know I'm several years late, but good for you. You got some good foster parents. But just because you did, doesn't mean other kids did, If we are sharing sob stories @crzyry, when I was four my mother stabbed me once in the chest and once in the back. My dad spent all his income on drugs and ****** who would kick us around (as my dad did) my older brother sexually harass me and then my dad dropped us off at grandparents house and never came back. My grandfather accidentally killed my grandmother and I was forced into foster care as my aunt told me she wanted nothing to do with me, in the foster system I was attacked and berated by all the other kids because they were "superior" to me for having the privilege to see their real parents, and on of the older boys also harassed me, and when I told my CASA worker, my brother denied it and said I was asking for attention (because a six year old usually knows all about sex, right?) and CPS tried to get my adoptive parents to *not* adopt me, because they said I "wasn't for adoption." I suffer from PTSD and chronic and persistent depressive disorder and I was taking medicine but my parents took me off it. Its great you had a amazing time in the system, but don't you ever ******* assume everybody had such an *amazing* time in the system. Because most people I know in the system, didn't. TL;DR: I took this to a personal level and I didn't have a good time in the system and the system is ******, it almost kept me from getting adopted. Don't assume people in the system like it unless you're crzyry.

I call fake. As mentioned above, you can't get suspended from pre-school. HOWEVER, if it is real, then your kid should be taken away by Child Protective Services. Don't **** in front of your kids, you sicko.

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As other people have been saying she could have heard it from some older kid maybe a sitter or something. My niece recently learned the words "dumbass" and "asshole" and we don't use them at home. In fact we don't even speak English at home most of the time. Oh want to hear the best part, her twin sister didn't hear of the words until she came home shouting them so obviously some kid in her class picked it up from somewhere and she picked it up. And another thing the parents don't have to be "*******" in front of her for her to hear a phrase and repeat it. Its likely doubtful that she even knows what that word means. Kids are little tape recorders they pick up and repeat anything they hear. For you to say she should be taken away because of one phrase she repeated is just ridiculous. CPS has better things to do then be the potty-mouth police.

Oh, you can def get suspended from pre-school. I did when I told them that I wanted some "******* 7-up" Oh the good old days...

actually, my half brother was suspended from preschool, then they kicked him out like two months later. and also just because the kid said er parents **** doesn't mean that they **** infront of her, she probably just heard the word somewhere

heart604 0

I'm a texan and can take a joke unlike all these ignorant people commenting saying the child should be taken away.

Though I too find it hard to believe she got suspended from pre-school I've seen 1st graders suspnded so it's possible I guess. Also has anyone thought that maybe she was put up to saying it by another classmate or maybe she heard it from an older sibling/ or a care taker other then her mother?

My guess is, if she's black or latino, they'd more than likely suspend the kid. Whites? not so much.

Hmmm, you sound like your trash, wouldn't want to insult all "white" people for your stupidity and ignorance. Sounds like your a product of racist influences, I pity you.

ProtoBuster_1 5

I'm getting tired of your racist comments, MrMaD... you honestly believe that if the 4-year-old girl was black or latino, she'd get suspended quicker? You, sir, are a first class idiot.

In all fairness, MrMaD has a point. Statistically speaking, if both kids were in the exact same circumstance, the kid from an ethnic minority would unfortunately be punished more often and more severely than the kid that isn't. The same is true with the justice system. I don't think merely pointing that out is grounds for assuming someone is racist, either.

Based on other comments mrmad has posted, he portrays himself as both sexist and racist, so it's pretty safe to assume this...

Troll or not, all I do is spit the truth. I also grew up watching damn near everything I mention unfold around me, to my dismay. perhaps, I'm just a reflection of my anyways ;)

Actually, I think Mr. Mad is making a fair point in saying that many parts of America are still racist and in some schools, considerations over students are sometimes taken in by judging their race, ethnicity, or religion. It happens.