Just a prank, again

By momaaa1342 - 21/10/2013 03:51 - United States - Elmwood

Today, I got a call from my daughter’s school today. She had been telling the teacher, "I have a huge boner." Apparently, some of the kids at school told her it meant 'headache' and she's been saying it all day. FML
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rykothechubby 5

That's a 'hard' problem to deal with.

Yay! Here come the penis jokes! I just love how original they'll all be.


Yay! Here come the penis jokes! I just love how original they'll all be.

Here "come" the penis jokes... Haha, good one!

saraitkddh 47

Me: Teacher! I have a boner and it really hurts! Teacher: Excuse me? What did you just say? Me: You know. The boner that throbs?

So! They laugh at my boner, will they?! - The Joker See: http://www.comicbooktidbits.com/BATMAN%20BATTLES%20JOKER.htm

Rohit281 13

Why didn't the teacher manage to convince her that she's wrong? Toddlers generally believe their teachers more than their peers..

it wouldn't be much of Fml, if it was a toddler.. I would assume the daughter to be old enough to know what a boner is.. if she was indeed that young.. op shouldn't care much..

ViRepz 28

if she was in high school I'm pretty sure she knew what a boner means!

saraitkddh 47

I bet explaining this to her would be awkward regardless of whom ever is gonna do it

I asked what an ****** was in eighth grade science class. I honestly didn't know. Sheltered child..

there are really stupid girls in high school.

haha! something to laugh at when she grows up :-P

What's wrong with you having a lady boner?

Bostern 29

I can't tell if this would be worse if you had a son instead.

This is a confusing scenario. Sometimes kids hear stuff god knows where. Good luck with this issue, OP, and just to be safe, be careful with what you say around the kid. Who knows if she learned that from you. xD

Mangobbler, did you read the FML? Her fellow students told her the word and the false definition. As far as we know, OP told her daughter nothing. I'm starting to wonder exactly how old OP's daughter is.

Damn, I did read that wrong. Thanks for the heads up. My bad. So yeah, one could say kids will be kids, but there is a limit. A small punishment could be useful here, but it is said that it is more effective when you catch the perpetrator on the spot, figuratively speaking...

IworkAt711 14

Why would you punish a kid for saying a word that they didn't know the real definition to?

I am talking about punishing the kids who mislead OP's daughter.

Those kids are just nasty. Maybe they need a lesson on behavior

AntiPrude 26

@11 You think the word 'boner' is nasty? Wow lol, someone was homeschooled..