By Anonymous - 12/12/2009 01:03 - United States

Today, while taking a shower, I saw shadows moving across the curtains. The shadow turned out to be a cricket that then fell into the tub. I ran out of the bathroom screaming and naked. My little sister came to my door and said, "If I hadn't just seen your balls, I would swear mom had TWO daughters." FML
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Turn in your penis and get out; you are a man no longer.


Turn in your penis and get out; you are a man no longer.

you just got pwned by your little sister... you must surrender your man card to her :P

His name is Old Greg.. have you seen my Baileys?

Well depending on the temperature of the water, your equipment can get pretty small in there.

Way to get scared by a cricket, you sally. Atleast your sister's wicked smart on an insult

Go get your man-card back from your sister, right now. You know what must be done.

If you meant what I'm thinking I laughed very hard 61 :) Then I was a little grossed out, but still continued laughing.

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No, we don't want him either. He's too much of a wuss.

lmao #1, good shit. Seriously tho, way to scar you little sister for life.

Oh no, she saw her brothers balls. Oh shock, oh horror!

have some decency. There's some things little girls just shouldn't be seeing. (pedo, lol)

You Americans and your overreacting :')

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you ignorant people and your stereotyping...

so should we develop a care-free attitude like most of the other countries out there and promote sweat-shops, underage prostitution, constant CP filesharing, and human trafficking? ..or am I just over-reacting..

Oh yes, that's exactly what'll happen if someones sister sees their balls...

Who the f*** said it was a little girl??? For all we know, he's 23 and the chick 22. She'll still be his "little sister" when they're both 80-something-years-old, genius!! Sickos obsessed about "everything is pedo!!" need to pull their head out of their arse and wake up to the fact not everybody in the freaking world is underage.

if i saw my brothers balls (at any age) you have no idea how badly i would freak out. I would probably never look at him, have nightmares, and throw up.

Pff, I've seen my brother's balls. I used to have to share a bath with him when we were little kids, and my sister, too. Of course, he was only a little bit older than me. I haven't seen them since he hit puberty and I have no desire to.

Little sister knows about the humourin dick-size there fore she's probably at least 12 and has had sexual education she could be 15 -.- so ur just being naive .

Scar her? Dude, she totally pwned him for it...that's not scarring her, that's Win for her.

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um mrmad we do those things not in our country but in those other carefree countries. who do you think pays for all those underage prostitutes? not the people in the "carefree" countries they couldn't afford it.

And I'm sick of the whole "Americans are better than everyone else" attitude. If anyone comments negatively to this it'll just cement it. And yes, you do have the attitude. Just because I wasn't born in America and have never been there does not mean I am not as good as you. At least New Zealanders aren't known for their arrogance in other countries like America is.

Interestingly enough, until I read the word "balls" I did automatically assume the OP was a woman.

^^ That's because the OP isn't a man, but a ******* bitch. Seriously? A ******* cricket? Smash it with your hands and eat it you goddamn pussy!

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It's a bit odd that she looked directly at your balls.

lol you're sister is so totally awesome.