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Today, I got a call from my daughter's school saying that she had beat someone up. She's 4. FML
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A good reason for a 4 year old to beat someone up? Yeah, I doubt it.

I should have elaborated that there may have been more to the story, perhaps the other child instigated it first, became physical and her child just reciprocated. At that age both parents would be called no matter who started it and "beat up" is subjective.

I was kicked out of my pre-school for beating someone up :(!

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I had a cousin who slapped his kindergarten teacher when he was 4! True story. Some kids are uncontrollable. He's 10 now and so violent. I'm really sorry for his parents.

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Ima go ahead and say the other kid stole her candy. That'll be a good reason I would say?.

Wouldn't it be worse if you got a call saying, your child was beat up. It's good they're defending themselves.

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i bet one of her classmate took her crayons

Practicing for MMA already? Shes a dedicated one.

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Someone stole, not only her candy, but her favorite crayons! Understandable reason to beat the kid up..

In pre school my friend hit a kid with a bag full of blocks because he was stealing all the other kid's toys... She didn't get in trouble either, he was bullying everyone and she stood up to him.

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The Chuck Norris of kindergarten

"Damn my daughter's a scrapper!!"- George Lopez

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I would have kicked that little bitch across the room and out the window, that would teach her to not do it again.

Love how the little ones actually have a sense of justice. Makes you wonder what happened to the rest of us...

She'll get more money if she just goes to the WWE. It has a legitimate need of someone who actually knows how to do something other than acting.

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OP should either put her in youth boxing or Folkstyle wrestling. Not only would it allow her to let out the natural aggression, but also teach her self control. Yes I know she's only 4, but I've seen it happen. Anyways OP don't worry to much lots of kids fight and as long as she didn't get hurt then you have nothing to worry about :)

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It's like TV "bleeping". It's ok for kids to watch buildings explode and guts getting thrown across the screen. But poor Timmy would be ******* traumatized by the word "shit".

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Maybe the kid she beat up was bullying someone else and she stood up for them, did you ever think about that?

Maybe 6 should have a nice warm glass of shut the **** up!

Am I the only one who noticed that #6 called OP's daughter "bulky"?

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u should be proud, she's a fighter!

Kids these days are pretty violent due to the exposure of current medias. Monkey see, monkey do. Are the days of playing cooking in the sandbox gone? Everyone used to be so happy and smiley all the time....

Yeah I's not as if bullies existed before at all... It was a paradise on earth before the media ruined it all.

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Then we all become sadistic monkeys...

@15 - IKR? People act as if before the past couple generations have ruined the world. Haha. Society has always been ****** up and it always will be.

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That's the Cultivation Theory. Look it up online. It has many critics.

Yeah because everything is horrible because of the media *eye roll*

no they were fake not smiley. I am not saying all people who are happy are fake but people are more honest with feelings now