By madamefuxalittle - 08/07/2014 20:52 - United States - Stratford

Today, an elderly lady sat next to me on a bench, and started telling me out of the blue about how bad it is to have saggy boobs. I was uncomfortable enough at the unwanted info, without her then looking at my chest and adding, "But I expect you already know that, dear." FML
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Unlucky OP! Now repeat after me; "I must, I must, I must improve my bust"


Awe Thats gotta hurt. But you know It happens to the best of us

Yea, OP, don't let it get you down. I dare say, perk up.

Shit why'd i get down voted? I was just saying It eventually happens to everyone. Ouch people. Ouch

Just be like, "at least I'm young and I can fix 'em!!"

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maybe she tho ught this wou ld help get her less downthumbs I don't think it worked...

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can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow?

Ive always typed like that. Its a different thought, so its a different line. Thats how they teach it in school. Just apply it to my typing on my phone. And heres to even more down votes because i was honest again. Woot

But in all seriousness, i dont type the way you just were. Im not an idiot. I finish my sentences, and even my words before i go to a new line. But thank you everyone for judging the way i type when it had nothing to do with what i said.

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I don't know where you go to school where they teach you to do that but I can assure you it's wrong. When you end one thought and go to another, all you need is a period, a space, and a capital letter. The only time you do the next line down thing is if you're writing dialogue for a story and someone else starts talking. Or if you're writing an essay and are going to a new paragraph, but that doesn't apply here either.

Idk about u guys but I was taught write the way she does but like every thing else in school went through one ear and out the other

You obviously weren't taught grammar properly either.

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finally something everyone can agree on.

Yeah Im the idiot. When someone cant understand simple sarcasm. Im done

I don't know what school that's at but it seems like they aren't teaching you shit. Good luck a Standford, dear.

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67- the only one that can't understand simple sarcasm is you, sweetheart.

73- do you really have to be mean? thats three comments now all to cailey just doggin on her

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Honestly, if you have a problem with her way of typing, or her education, you need to get over it. It's none of your business and she can space out her lines anyways she wants to. End of story.

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I feel 8.3% dumber after reading this thread.

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It's "none of our business". We're allowed to reply to someone aren't we? Following along with your thought, why should we give our opinions on Fmls? I mean.. it is none of our business!

@91, that's #82's way of saying "Shut the **** up and let it go."

You go girl. Tell 'em off. Just a bunch of assholes, every one of them.

The one time he insults himself he gets up voted. He said something nice so just stop being sticklers.

You are just a friggin asshole. You are the only idiot in this conversation. Now get the **** out of this site because obviously kindness and understanding as well as empathy are not your strongest suits.

Um, where have you been? Lots of old people (even ladies) think they can say whatever they want cause they're old. I have come across plenty of rude old ladies.

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#31, their avatar is Sheldon Cooper, therefore they don't get sarcasm and need a sarcasm sign.

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Unlucky OP! Now repeat after me; "I must, I must, I must improve my bust"

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Sounds like OP needs to call uncle Rico for some Bust Must Plus.

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That movie was so stupid funny. But on to the saggy ****, yeah sorry OP, hope your a girl though..... just kidding I know you are.

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*Austin Powers Goldmember, Fat Bastard during purple nurple from Austin* "Oooooo, my *******!" Oh and btw, Michael Myers plays Dr. Evil, Austin Powers, and Fat Bastard! I've known that, but I like to spread the word around.

I'm going to start singing this now!

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Well new scientific research shows wearing bras contribute to future sag - so let's burn the bras FOR SCIENCE of course...

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I personally like my bras, so my boobs don't bounce all the time.

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I've heard this too. it weakens the ligaments that naturally keep the breasts a'perked. akin to wearing a cast on your arm. science bitch!

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I don't wear bras often, mainly camisoles. Does that count as a bra?

A'perked? And your criticizing someone else's typing? Your just making words up now.....

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While we're all being grammar nazis, you're*

You should not worry about what a random old lady says if you love you that's all that matters

Did her husband come afterwords describing his *ahem* sagging... boobs a well?


Don't worry, I'm sure someone will honor those boobs.

That's older people for you - sorry, OP. Though if you think she's right do push ups. It'll perk them up again!

Sadly, no amount of exercise can fix the elasticity of ligaments.