By Anonymous - 11/12/2009 21:58 - United Kingdom

Today, I was shaving my underarms, when I heard a noise. I quickly turned my head to see what it was and got the razor caught in my hair. I'm now sporting a very attractive bald patch. FML
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Apparently, I'm not the only one that can't see this happening at all.

At least it's a very attractive bald patch.


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I know this is beside the point, but what was the noise you heard?

all i want for christmas is my two front teeth...

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well said!

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Ya don't leave us hanging!

At least it's a very attractive bald patch.

i see op is a girl.. she should shave her whole arm pit anyway. hairy girls are not attractive

how attractive

what #4 said.

wait, how did you do that? I mean did the razor jump up a few inches to your head? I call either exaggeration or fake until i get more proof.

No, you see, she was only trimming her underarm hair. She only wanted it a uniform length, but ended up shaving it completely. It makes perfect sense! (My first impression was really long armpit hair, to be honest. Bad imagery....)

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no the OP cut her hair, her actual hair.... which is impossible and I call bluff

It's not impossible at all. Especially since the original post says that the razor got caught in her hair. So, obviously, she ripped a bunch of her hair out. Use your brain, it's there for a reason.

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How do you shave? I mean... shaving underarms requires having the rest of your arm up in the air... blocking the access of your razor to your head... and also, your underarm is about 6-8 inches below where the hair on your head grows. What did you do? Move the arm that was holding the razor around your other arm and up a ways? Who freaks out like that? I call fake.

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You call fake because you can't picture it? And you can't picture it because everyone does it exactly the way you do? (Except, how do you know what people normally do? Just how many people have you watched shave their underarms?)

no, we call fake because it cant happen, unless the person has a head unnaturally close to their armpits. Kylias, lift up your arms. Where is your armpit in relation to your skull? Now imagine shaving. How is that razer going to get from where your armpit is to where your skull is? And close enough to have a bald spot no less? If the OP has long hair I can understand that she cut a little off. But its such a small amount it doesn't matter. Its no where near enough to create a bald spot. -believe me, I'm the type of person who has tried seeing how much of her hair can be cut off with a razor ;) oh and don't worry, I've got an imagination. Its called logic, Kylias. Its either fake or a hyperbole.

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no, "logic" would be understanding that the OP might not have included the whole story in the FML. you people that spend all your time trying to "prove" FML's fake are pretty sad. watching too much Mythbusters?

I actually have never called an FML fake before. Honestly. This is just one that stood out to me. I know that the OP may not have included the entire story in her fml; thats why i said it was either fake OR a hyperbole. (btw- hyperbole = exaggeration.) Learn to read. She probably said bald patch to make her story more of an FML. She probably got the end of her hair caught in the razor and decided to exaggerate her story a little bit. My hair has gotten caught in a razor numerous times, but I truly can't even begin to fathom how it was shaved so much that it created a bald patch. Have you ever shaved? If you have then you know you have to get right close to the area you are shaving to really cut the hair. So, she'd have to get right next to her head in order to "create a bald patch".

oh, and if you misinterpreted my comment about seeing how much hair can be cut off with a razor, sorry. I didn't go out and do that because of this fml. god no. i did it like a year ago when i got a new razor blade type and was bored and decided to see how sharp it was. its not a good combination to be bored, to be holding a razor, and to have long hair. lol. :D

dancingdoggy and ugh are right. This is a load of horseshit.

Also, how hard would she have had to jump and jerk her arm to get the razor all the way up to her head in that one instant? Pretty hard, right? And if she jerked it that hard, and the razor shaved a bald spot (as in the razor was right against her scalp), how did she not get a pretty nasty cut on her skin, either as it slipped out of her underarm or sliced into her scalp? I don't want to call fake, but I'd definitely be curious to see how this all played out. Oh wait. Edit. I just realized maybe she tore the hair out, not shaved it. Ah, it's a little clearer now. Still a bald spot? That had to hurt because that's a lot of hair to pull out. Chill out and quit being so jumpy.

well since it's attractive i honestly do not see the problem (:

Shave off some more off the side, and say you're copying Maja from The Sounds' hairstyle =p