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By Anonymous - 28/03/2013 20:56 - France - Sainte-savine

Today, I was chatting with a co-worker, and she mentioned she has trouble swallowing pills. I replied that I'm lucky, because I have next to no gag reflex. Half the guys at the other registers abruptly went silent, and I'm now being constantly hit on. FML
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They want you. Girl you the whole package.

I feel sorry for you. Reminds me of my 8th grade math class in which I was the only girl besides the teacher in a room full of 15 hormonal boys.


They want you. Girl you the whole package.

kut17 11

She has the whole "package" and doesn't even gag!

Wizardo 33

Plus you keep it real while them others stay plastic, beautiful girls all over the world... dum-de-dum good song, good times.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

They want to give OP the whole package.

asnakelovinbabe 16

Time to put it to good use. Don't forget to swallow! And relax those jaw muscles.

48 your pic and comment go so well together ;D

Devilpuppy0861 7

54, you know that was creepy as fuck right. However 48 you know that you can't have your name be snake lover and make comments like that. It's just to damn easy to make jokes.

#48 are you trying to give her lessons?

And you pay your taxes

I feel sorry for you. Reminds me of my 8th grade math class in which I was the only girl besides the teacher in a room full of 15 hormonal boys.

IN CLASS?! Wtf?! "don't mind me…"

so you're telling us you were a human pin cushion in Jr high?

When I was a freshman, this senior whipped it out in the middle of French class.

onorexveritas 23

I'm in 11th grade and I am the only girl in my math class.

At least you didn't say you have large canals. I made that mistake talking about swallowing pills one time..

I'm just curious about how using 'canals' associated with the body can flow well in a conversation without one intending for it to be inferred as dirty.

Haha, the conversation actually started with ear canals and my super sonic hearing.

that sucks op, at least if you ever need a quick fix you know where to get one

Think of it as an opportunity. Now you can take your pick ;)

Indeed. OP you've just secured free coffee for the duration of your stay at this company.

songtrees 8

Why is this a bad thing? Take a compliment.

jem970 19

She should be happy all of a sudden because they now know she doesn't have a gag reflex? yeah yippy for her... Now they will bother her till she sucks them off or punches their nuts.

Yeah, OP, lighten up! Just appreciate the compliment of knowing that the main reason for the newfound interest is that your co-workers want to stick their dicks down your throat.

Maybe you should inform them you dont have a gag reflex with pills but everything else does?

I bet #13 this the best idea for the situation, aye!

Sounds like you have a chance to have some fun

This is what it sounds like when pic and comment collide...

inthedopeshow 17

I'm gonna have to say YDI for letting such a blatant innuendo slip in front of so many men.

Because it's so crazy to want men to treat you with respect, regardless of the innuendos you may have let slip.

Considering it's a bunch of men and she basically said she could take the whole thing without gagging, yea, there is no way that group of guys will think of her in any other way. Men as a whole think that way, especially when a girl says something that can be that arousing. Maybe if there weren't women out there that give rise to men seeing women that way it would eventually disappear, but that seems doubtful.