By Acu7519 - 16/04/2018 15:00

Today, at my job as a 2nd grade teacher, I was explaining to my students how I'm pregnant and will have to take a break from teaching after I have my baby. One of my students replied with "Ooooooooohhh Ms. Johnson had sex!" FML
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Well they’re not wrong....

You must be dreading that call home.


You must be dreading that call home.

Well they’re not wrong....

At least this kid already knows the gist of where babies come from.

Plot twist: Ms. Johnson is pregnant via in-vitro fertilization with an anonymous sperm donor, so no, she hasn’t had sex in a long time! That’s your FML there!

Truth hurts don’t it

Is this an FML because you don't want to call their parents?

Was he the father?

Dexter, the 2nd grader?! Or his father?

Only one way it could’ve been said to greater shock: “Oooooh Ms. Johnson got the johnson and she liked it!”

What ever happened to explaining pregnancy two kids as an overflow of love. Now it’s Ms. Johnson did the dirty with Mr. Johnson.

Or at least with some other johnson.

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he's just happy for you :)