By shadowfigure - 23/01/2011 05:47 - United States

Today, I was doing karaoke with my girlfriend's family, when the 5 year old came over and shut off my microphone. FML
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I think the kid was trying to tell you something.

Maybe you shouldn't have picked a Spice Girls song.


I think the kid was trying to tell you something.

I think she's trying to say you're great at vocals :)


0m5zZ It lik3z s0 KeWl 2 rite lik3 a c0mPl3t3 REt4rD. Seriously 34 you should not be visiting this site if you are under the age of 10.

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pretty sure 34 was being sarcastic

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That child is he future Kanye West.

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yea..wahh i cant sing well so i guess my life is pretty F up...get over it op this is not a fml

It's ok you will get over it and life will go on. If there is a YouTube video of this then FYL "5 year old turns off man's mic"

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j would have told the fidgety bitch i back off:)

That 5 year old really knows how to drop a subtle hint!

obviously you're not the next American Idol