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  perdix  |  29

#1, I don't know about compassionate. I feel that surprise parties are creepy. If your friends and family can pull off a vast conspiracy to ambush you for your entertainment, imagine what they could do behind your back for other purposes!

  Dragunov95  |  1

102- Yes, she can actually dump her husband. For instance she can dump his body into a river, a dumpster, the ocean, etc. The list goes on but by no means is that man not dumpable. (Yes I did just make dumpable a word)

  Sandman366  |  6

74: Yes, cheating is cheating, but I'm fairly sure a male hooker would be more awkward. (Though I suppose he could say they're for her, but that would still be more awkward in my opinion.)

By  xMiss_Maggot  |  7

i wonder if he does this when youre away from your business trips..

  DjeePee  |  24

Maybe MissMaggot tried to say: 'I wonder if this is the first time he brought a hooker home when you're away'. Anyway, OP should certainly have herself checked on STD's.

  TheArchAngel  |  8

38- Actually, FMLs are posted THEN checked for grammar/spelling errors, so when #7 had read the FML (and several others) it was spelled incorrectly, but at the time you had finally got around to the FML, it had been grammar checked.

  piff7  |  14

No um they meant instead of saying "of" you should have said "have" aka: "It wouldn't have been rude" when you speak it sounds a little like you say "wouldn't of"

  Myo_fml  |  20

Let's have a grammar lesson, shall we? Of is not a possessive or past tense term. Of is a reference term. Have is either possessive or referring to a past event that one should HAVE done. "should of" : What? What is "of" of? A race of nymphomaniac penguins? Now, when "have" is too long, we make what is called a contraction. After all is done, we get "should've" .

  MochiDango  |  4

22- Not all men pay for the women's needs, hell there are times when I had to pay for my boyfriend, so no, not all (there are most certainly more than, as a woman I would like to mention... For shame ladies!!) women are gold diggers like men assume them to be. Honestly, I'd rather pay for my own stuff so when it comes to a divorce or break up, I won't lose my crap.