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By Anonymous - 30/07/2015 19:29 - Canada - Foam Lake

Today, I just found my husband on Craigslist. He's working away from home, and he's looking to give a blowjob. FML
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My question is why were you looking in that part of craigslist?

Don't be judging too fast. Maybe someone is playing a really nasty prank on him.


My question is why were you looking in that part of craigslist?

Sounds like they're going to have an interesting conversation in the near future.

Sometimes the descriptions are funny! It's also helpful to know which bathrooms you should avoid at university. To OP: that does suck, maybe you should answer that ******* request so he knows you know.

This legit happened to me once, I found him on there via him linking his account to a laptop we share so the history ended up on there in front of me. So maybe they wasn't initially on Craigslist.

I had something similar happen. I got on there to look for a job and noticed the the personal section was a different color, indicating it had been clicked on. I did some digging and found a bunch of adds that had been clicked on so I checked his email that was on the computer, everything sent on thay computer went through his email unless otherwise specified. I found all these replied emails, "my girlfriend and I want to hook up with a 3rd and a phone #" I thought I died my heart stopped and I vomited. I called the number thinking it would be his girlfriend, I didn't know what I was going to say. I was shocked again when my sister picked up the phone, I couldnt stop crying long enough for her to tell me that it was her that sent the emails for her and her gf, my husband was not involved at all. She laughed at me for not knowing her number by heart. I told her she couldnt borrow our computer to "look for a job" anymore. Sorry OP, mine turned out ok but I know the feeling. Fingers crossed this something similar. If not, dont stay with the creep, leave his ass!!

Omg MrsDruidess you are so lucky everything turned out okay! That story was a rollercoaster ride from start to end!

I typed in the name of his work camp in Google to see what living conditions he's in. Oil field work.

I thought OP found her husband on craigslist like in as he was on that website as she walked in and saw the ad.

I read the personals and classifieds for fun, even the ones that don't apply to me. I always get at least 1 laugh. (Ever seen the humor blog emails from an a-hole?)It's only weird if op went specifically to the correct (m-f/m-m etc)casual encounter section and was not looking for content for a Craigslist humor blog.

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Did you take him up on that offer?

Accept his offer as a fictional man, set up a date for said *******, then send the details of the meeting place and time to your father, brother, uncle, and new boyfriend. Bring a camera. Turn it off when the "action" starts.

OP SAID he's looking to GIVE not Get a *******.

I know that's why I said accept his offer as a fictional man instead of woman.

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Why isn't this the top comment?

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well.. you enjoy yourself with that.

Um i think he might have something to tell you

cause it would be so much better ? it's cheating anyway...

Don't be judging too fast. Maybe someone is playing a really nasty prank on him.

That's sweet. There are still optimists on here!

Well out of the nasty pranks that one is a go to prank so I wouldn't be surprised. You just have to see what kind of friends he has.

That's happened to me. This girl at a party used my phone to "text her dad" and ended up contacting a guy she had been chatting with from Craigslist, telling him this was her new number. He was a total creep, and she just wanted to pass him onto me so I would be the one that turned him down and blocked him.