By meowymomma - 25/06/2016 19:21 - United States

Today, I caught my soon to be husband screwing our wedding planner. FML
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Well, at least you found out before the wedding. Divorces are expensive..

In return screw her career and his properties, so sorry op


Your not-so-soon future husband if not no-longer future husband, I hope? Stay strong, OP.

I hope that the OP left a poor review for the wedding planner so that she can't screw over anymore couples (pun intended).

I take it that wasn't part of the wedding plans?

Or maybe it was for you see its not OP wedding it's THEIR wedding.

In return screw her career and his properties, so sorry op

It is actually okay.. Let everyone know exactly what kind of wedding planner this person is. They don't deserve their job if they are going to take advantage like that. Even once is too many times. Besides maybe this wedding planner has done this before, but just hasn't been caught until now.

#61 So it's not okay to report someone for not doing their job? Yeah, ever watched a movie called the wedding planner? GOLDEN RULE: Do NOT sleep with the groom.

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#72 I agree with you. More than reporting her for not doing her job, she should be reported for ruining a marriage, the same way you leave a note on tripadvisor o something like this. By the way, the worst of the story is not the girl, but the guy who was to get married. Because HE was engaged. not her.

Well, at least you found out before the wedding. Divorces are expensive..

My housemate that was married to my brother is still dealing with his douche-iness long after the divorce. Until then, even I didn't know just how much of a bully he was.

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Why do people always do shit like this?

Because people are scum, for the most part.

Why the heck are you being down voted it was a relevant question?

@37 probably because he said people "always" do this, when not everyone does this.

leave him. and ruin her career. they are horrible people

I believe in karma and all, but if I were you I would hasten it a bit by down voting her business at every website I see and telling everyone I know how she ruined my plans. Dont know if that's gonna do anything though. She ruined your life, she should feel the same.

she? it's him who ruined op's plans and life, that woman is nobody to op and it could be any other woman, however, that man is op's soon to be husband and chose to cheat on her without any force from wedding planner, no need to put all responsibility on another woman

Normally I'd agree with you but not this time! she was a wedding planner! She knew he was getting married so she's as bad as him. She shouldn't had allowed it to happen but did so she's in the wrong too. She's not some random woman.

The hopefully ex partner that was just about to marry her ruined it all.

If the "other person" knows the person they're seeing is in a relationship, I consider them just as bad as the person that is doing the cheating. They're the one knowingly helping someone hurt someone else, they make the cheating possible by saying yes. I tend to think of it as applied to different circumstances, if a robbery is committed, the person who plans it might not have been in the store doing the direct crime, but they still had a part in it, made everything happen, did nothing to stop it, and therefore they are just as guilty as everyone else. To me, it's the same with cheating, they might not be the ones doing the physical cheating, but they facilitated it.

And to add to what others said, a wedding planner that sleeps with clients? Wouldn't you want to know of something like that if you were going to hire her?

Exactly. Sleeping with a coworker or a plumber or whatever is a horrible thing, but the person you're paying to contribute to a major next step in your relationship? That is something you want to warn people about who are interested in her services.

While I don't consider the "helper" to be a good person, it's not remotely on par with betraying someone you effectively, or literally, promised to love and care for.

if your partner is not interested in anyone except you then you don't need any warnings about anybody, nobody can force your partner to cheat until he/she wants it themselves

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I completely agree with this! it's one thing if the other person doesn't know that the cheater is in a relationship, but this lady clearly knew the guy was getting married.

It's possible this wedding planner has screwed other grooms whose weddings she's planning. Even if she hasn't, she knows full well he's planning on getting married and ***** him anyway. She deserves whatever losses she takes.

eh you could argue just the opposite, the one providing the opportunity to cheat is doing the other person a favor. they sped up the unraveling of a relationship that is clearly not going to work out anyway.

My thoughts exactly, don't quite know how OP could recover from this betrayal