By Anonymous - 21/09/2010 21:28 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out that my mother has been seeing my maths teacher. I'm still failing his class. FML
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Good on your teacher for not feeling an obligation to break the rules because he's dating your mum. Maybe you should ask for help if you're failing.

FYL for wanting to rely on your mom for your grades.


I think you're about to start off a whole thread of maths based puns and chat-up lines. :P

Why don't you go out with your teacher too!

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say "I'll get my mom to have awesome sex with you if you give me an A for the rest of the year."

haha yeah, add one boy, plus one girl. subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and just hope you don't multiply ;)

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You're still failing, because your mom fails at sex.

59 is awesome. the funniest thing I've seen on this sight

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It's also obvious that your failing English maybe you should check with your Englishs teacher op. Unless people in the uk actually say maths teacher.

87 -- people in the UK do say "maths teacher", as a matter of fact.

87 "maths" is used in every English speaking country except the U.S because were wierd like that

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wow that's weird maths just sounds weird. It just doesn't roll off your tongue.

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103- I agree it doesn't sound right and it sounds like multiple math's to me just weird

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103, they think we sound weird too

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lol 19 and 48 win. and 64 u beat me to it

we should all just say mathematics so we don't confuse each other.

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Maths is used in a lot of European countries.

96- we don't say "maths" here in Canada either. I think it's just a European thing .

your failing at maths(?) because ur mom fails in bed. ask ur dad. he'll tell ya. oh wait...

OP, tell your teacher that you need the extra tutoring instead of him "tutoring" your mom.

Yeah, 96, what 175 said. I live in Canada too and we just say "Math." Of course, it could vary throughout the country, I'm not sure. But you're still wrong about it being "only America." :P

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tell her to get your grade up....anyway she can. if ya get what I mean, n I think ya get what I mean COLTS

"You don't say much don't you?" ... "AAHAAHUUUUUH HUUUUH"

North America = Math. Europe + Australia = Maths.

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Why did my comment get moderated??

FYL for wanting to rely on your mom for your grades.

Agreed #2. You get the grade you earn OP.

I'm guessing OP is failing english too?

I think u should ask your to bang the English teacher instead

I think you guys should learn how to use Google.

so according to #254 the OP should get better grades because of his mom dating the teacher. sorry, when I worked when I got grades, and when I slacked I got bad. That's how school SHOULD be

I agree. OP is a total dumbass. How can you even fail a maths class? How could anyone be that stupid?

son of a bitch! I wrote "oh" so I cud be first! **** you all!

who is the loser,tool, d1ck face who moderated me… within 5 seconds of the post?

It's also not the OP's fault. Some people just don't get math, no matter how hard they study. And some people just have a bad teacher. Before you say anything... Yes, teachers have a lot to do with the grades their students get. Not only because they grade their stuff (duh) but also because of the way they're teaching. I used to have a really bad teacher in math and failed. This year, I have a good teacher and a 90 average.

Well look at it on the bright side. she could sleep with your English teacher so you know that it's math and not maths... If you want the "s" use mathematics.

Shut up 195. Some countries use "Maths". Open your mind and stop living in your tiny restricted world.

Good on your teacher for not feeling an obligation to break the rules because he's dating your mum. Maybe you should ask for help if you're failing.

Totally agree. It should make no difference whatsoever. Good on your teacher. Try what I do and spend every couple of days hanging back at school. You feel a bit robbed at first but it helps so much on the harder topics.

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I agree with Cinn. You're not going to have the same math teacher throughout all your years of school anyway; so even if your current math teacher did pass you specifically because he was dating your mother, he isn't going to be able to pass you every other year. Which means you need to learn the material or you'll most likely fail your next math class too; unless your mom plans on dating all of your future math teachers. (Might I suggest she moves to a different subject since math isn't working for you?) :P

finally -- a person who is smart, and realizes that grades are not, in fact, candy. op -- earn your shit, dude. if you're expecting to be handed a passing grade now, wait until later -- you won't know what hit you! unless your mother has a penchant for dating math[s] teachers...but considering what already happened, you'll still fail. you getting a free grade is also unfair to other students who, well, try to pass on their own accord. |the kid|

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OP is probably still failing so the teacher can have an excuse to have parent-teacher meetings.....hmmmmm

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tell her to give it up better or more often. XD time to practice go buy her a cucumber

6 where did that peace love and chicken grease thing come from? just wondering.

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dude I live in Texas! and where did the peace love and chicken grease come from?

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well I'd love to talk more:) know you're not looking for anything but you're really cute:) if you want to talk then let me know;)

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^^Wow .. Gettin a guuurl on FML That's a good sign (;

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^^Wow .. Gettin a guuurl on FML That's a good sign (;

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u must just suck at life to even be failing math

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Who ******* cares?! Not me, that's for goddamned sure. Now excuse me while I return to wanking myself off while I watch My Little Pony reruns. WERD.

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yeah I was going to say this...

Maybe not. Some people are really bad in just one subject.

Schizomaniac 24

Ill, I was exploiting the OP's typo.

Some are only good in one subject aswell (like me). Or they could be bad at everything.

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Schizomaniac 24

There isn't one, you're late. You lose.

Pretty sure that that's regular English, you guys just use the modified "lazy" English

Or, Gingerbeard, maybe they're now both dialects of English and people can use whichever they want to use? :P

It's not a typo dipshit, in the UK it's actually called maths, you're probably failing social studies

if you do your homework you wouldnt fail - also if you dont understand somethin its pretty easy to ask for help - ydi

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maybe your math teacher is just fair...

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ur maths teacher? dnt u mean math teacher?

The OP is from the UK, it's maths not math here.

Hmm, since the subject is actually called mathematics, I'd say that maths was closer to being right. Plus, that's how we say it in England.