By pyrogypsy - 24/10/2014 01:05 - United States - Seattle

Today, I was the weird girl on the city bus who falls asleep then makes a loud, weird noise and wakes herself up. FML
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I bet if we research "weird girl that falls asleep on the bus and then wakes herself up by making weird noises" I think we will see OP

Atleast you don't know those people, it's not a big deal.

Yea. Add salt to injury. Sorry i laughed OP.

I think you are confusing "adding insult to injury" with "adding salt to the wound" :)

yup, me too :( and I missed my stop !

I didn't miss my stop but a random stranger had to tap my shoulder and wake me up which was very awkward :/

Would you rather be woken up some other way? It's the city bus... There are a lot of ways to wake someone up. °__°

if that's the worst thing in your life rn, you have a great life :)

I wish I had THAT happen to me rather than having a bad case of the ***** and clogging a toilet on a public AM TRAC train....I'd gladly trade places with you.

Hey at least you know you're probably on social media drooling on the bus! Wait that's not a good thing is it?