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Today, I decided to go through my husband's phone to make sure I invited everyone to the surprise party I was planning for him. There were a few I had missed so I called to let them know about it. The last number I called was his girlfriend. FML
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Well maybe now his surprise party can turn into his surprise divorce

that sucks...maybe you could cancel the party, give him nothing but a card telling him to celebrate with the other bitch.


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ouchh least you found out? D;

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She can be as big a cockblock as she wants to be. WTF is up with you guys saying YDI? Cheaters are the lowest form of scum ever. _________________________________

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^ prude, just because there is a goalie doesn't mean you can't score. plus if people wanted to cheat then you don't probably mean enough to them. I mean what kind of perfect world do you live in where everyone is in symmetry?

It has nothing to do with a "perfect" world. It has everything to do with trust. If he wanted someone else then he should have broken up with her in the first place. I feel bad for your partner (whatever sex they are) if you feel the need to justify his actions _____________________________

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I guarantee you are the same people saying "dump the slutty bitch" on every FML where a man is the victim of infidelity. If you're going to be a moron, at least be consistent.

Agree w/ starchild hes not a fucking prude just because hes one of the few guys in this fucking world that actually thinks correctly seriously fuck you all cheating hurts the person thats being cheated on, possibly the person they're cheating with, & sometimes even the person thats cheating...fuck, if you're going to fucking cheat, dump your boy/girlfriend first..stupid fuckers ITS NOT THAT HARD you lose interest you tell them you dont make a huge mess about it and ruin everything w/ everyone later jesus christtt fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou omg you know what go shove a knife up your ass

Starchild... you sound like you've been hurt, like your boyfriends have cheated on you in the past. I have to disagree with you, though. Cheaters are not the "lowest form of scum ever". I think most people would agree that certain groups of people, like child molesters, rapists, mass-murdering dictators, etc etc, rank far lower on the "scum scale". Some people cheat. Most people who are cheated on get over it and move on. Hopefully you will also.

Lol nah sorry never had and never will have a boyfriend, but I appreciate your offer. I've never been cheated on but I do know that a girl will hurt if it happens, it doesn't take a lot of thought to figure that out. And if you were decent enough you would know that cheaters are the lowest form of scum, that doesn't require jail time. Besides, all the others involve an abuse of trust as well, so you can say they can be in the same group. Sorry buddy, no need to bring in your personal experiences on how to get over those that cheat on you. I'm sorry your sister didn't find you satisfying anymore, but life is about change ya know :) All cheaters deserve harsh pain and suffering, it's as simple as that. ________________________________

Well, as an innocent bystander, I have to read EVERY FML with the BS meter running. If I spot a lie, then it makes the entire FML suspect to me. If it's suspect, then I can't trust anything in it, not just what I know is a lie. And seriously, what's presented to us doesn't pass the smell test. Going through a person's phone, looking for contacts to invite to a party is somewhat odd, but not completely bad. I say 'somewhat' odd because if you're married to them, then you probably know 90% of the people they know already and 99% of the people they would feel comfortable with at a party. Going through a person's phone, looking for contacts to invite to a party and actually calling them, even when you do not know them, is not only really odd, you can not justify it at all. That's where the anecdote loses me. That is the point where the entire intent is laid bare and the surrounding 'story' is proved to be a facade. And I can knock the OP for lying to me.

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Cheaters are the lowest form of scum? What about cops who sell confiscated cocaine for an extra buck? What about corporate executives who embezzle millions of dollars? What about rapists, child molesters, wife-beaters and serial killers? What about people who smuggle and "purchase" children as sex slaves? Really, now..

moonlight daze.. all of those things are far less common than cheating. minute by minute, day by day, those things that you listed are still not the top of the list.

Notice the part where I said "that doesn't require jail time". Yes everything you listed are worse than cheating, but they all require jail time. Cheating is by far the worst thing you, me, or anybody can do without "worrying" about official consequences The abuse of trust is what this is about _________________________

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I think that cheating is worse than cops selling cocaine and executives embezzling money. Theivery is theivery, you have broken the trust of a company with whom you have had no significant connection. It is wrong, of course, but it doesn't break hearts. No one is going to look back on their life 20 years later and think of the agony caused by a company losing money. Cops as well. While they undermine their own authority and the trust placed in them by the public, the deception is impersonal. No one will look back on their death bed and think of the hurt caused by corrupt cops. With cheating, you are building a significant love with another individual. Their trust is accompanied by a real and very personal kind of connection. It is very likely that they will remember the pain they experience hundreds of times throughout their lives, especially in a marriage.

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I don't know about that. I think that if we were talking about all human events, wife beating is pretty damn common.. So is rape. In the Unites states, every two minutes someone is sexually asaulted. And and I don't know about your city but here in Chicago, crooked cops seem like the norm to me (and they work for a crooked crooked mayor with crooked advisors). Yes, there is a lot of common daily scumbagary in this world..

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My comment #103 was meant as a response to #100 btw.

@lmmmr: Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! Cheating breaks hearts- broken hearts heal. Cocaine addiction destroys LIVES. Large corporations failing due to embezzlement destroys careers and families. Remember Enron?

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So as far as your concerned your economic wellbeing is more important than your emotional one? I would rather lose my job and house and live in socially unacceptable conditions (trailer, move in with parents, etc) than suffer the deception of infidelity. You lose your job, you save until you can get a new one. You lower your standards, work at McDonalds, move to a better economy, depend on loved ones until you can find some way back on your feet. If that destroys your life and/or family, then your life/family was an illusion to begin with. I know it happens all the time, but that's because there was nothing strong enough holding those people together. Deception and betrayal ruins lives and families. Maybe I'm just too idealistic/not materialistic enough to see it from your point of view, but what I have does not determine the quality of my life, but rather the quality of my human relationships. And coke addicts are going to be coke addicts whether they get it from a cop or a random scum bag. No one does coke because the corrupt cop sold it to them.

Cheaters are definitely scum, but I think 1 child molester is about as bad as 1,000 (or more) cheaters. Anyway, horrible way to find out. Sorry!!

I was cheated on. I had this boyfriend for four months and he had sex with like 12 other girls. And it wasn't like he was lacking for sex with me at all, I can tell you that. Every time I think about it I still get pissed. But he got his: he has HPV that he got from someone. And I still have a clean bill of health =]

^ Was it Tiger Woods?

I also had something like this happening to me. I was with this girl for almost three years and she cheated on me so many times I don't even know most of them, I do however know of the time she fucked my best friend.

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i'm so sorry

wholeheartedly agree with you there mate! To the OP - use the party as a fabulous way to announce what a douche bag he is to all of his friends and family. If you have incriminating photos/videos etc, that's a great time to do a little show-and-tell. I'd invite his girlfriend too - at least that way she know what an arse she's dating!

Well maybe now his surprise party can turn into his surprise divorce

this is the best idea yet.

Curiosity killed the cat, But in this case, It killed the marriage.

cat, no.. pussy, yes lol

that was wack, shut up

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LOL and the coach calls in the SIDELINE HO! Oh what a game this turned out to be!

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Wow, what a way to find out...

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Yeah, through invasion of privacy...

dude theyre married, they have no privacy :O

A wife going through her husband's cell phone to find phone numbers is an invasion of privacy?

48, yes it is an invasion of privacy. It's his phone, she shouldn't be going through it no matter what. Just as he shouldn't go through her phone. This applies to email, facebook, myspace, etc... Unless they say, "It's ok honey, you can go through my cell phone", then it's not ok.

Yeah, but at the same time she wasn't doing it with any malice, she was doing it in conjunction with planning a sweet surprise for her husband. It's not like she was going through his phone looking for evidence that he was cheating.

moonlight_daze 8

What does intent have to do with whether or not it's an invasion of privacy? If a cop strip searches you because he thought you looked like criminal, you're still naked in the street..

I don't think there should be barriers between life partners. I think it is okay to her her to check his phone out. I would certain not mind when my wife checks my phone or e-mail account.[Obviously that is when i get married :D :P]

#56: I've been with my boyfriend for more than 4 and 1/2 years. I don't have anything to hide. However, I still would be upset if he were to go through any of my truly personal things. And I know that he would feel the same way if I were to invade his privacy. I love my boyfriend and we have no intentions of breaking up, but we as human beings understand that we both need privacy, at least in some respects.

wtf? She was trying to throw him a SURPRISE PARTY. It's not like she was trying to dig up dirt on him. You should be prepared for other people to see the contents of your phone. My friend and I found a phone in the bathroom at a local shopping centre. We went through the contacts to see if there were any numbers named "Home" or "mum" or "dad" so we could call that number to let them know we'd found the phone. Were we invading that person's privacy? Especially when it comes to husbands and wives - if you're not married you probably don't realise how much information you need to share for identification purposes, various registrations, tax, etc etc. If one spouse isn't home, the other should feel free to go through his/her stuff to find the information they need.

I'm married. I don't have anything to hide. And that's why I wouldn't mind my husband going through my phone looking for something as long as his intention isn't actually snooping. If he's looking for someone's number I don't have a problem with him going through my phone. Usually he'll ask for permission, but he knows it's okay for him to do that. Same goes for my wallet. That doesn't mean we don't have privacy though, for example neither of us goes through the drawers in each others bedstand because we agreed that those are private...

that sucks...maybe you could cancel the party, give him nothing but a card telling him to celebrate with the other bitch.

might be a little late to say this, but I figured "why not?" What she should do is continue on with the party, make the party the absolute best, his favourite food, favourite music, ect. Be the absolute best wife in the world to him, he will feel so guily about cheating on the best person in the world he wont even enjoy the party. Then at the end of the night, or whenever you exchange gifts, tell him you have a 'special' gift for him...and bring out his girlfriend.

if its a suprise for his birthday you should just act like you forgot about it then he'll get pissed and you can divorce him =]

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I'm aorryy

better get signing those divorce papers

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What a nice excuse to go to through his phone. It's not a YDI, but still...

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But apparently she was right to do so.

i think she meant that she went through his contacts to see if she'd invited all his friends.