By FlorenceD - 12/08/2012 04:34 - United States - Dallas

Today, I was walking up some stairs and heard a noise as if someone was following me. The faster I went, the louder the noise got. I was too scared to realize that it was just my thighs causing my jeans to chafe. FML
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There seems to be some friction in your life...


hwkfan1 10

won't make any difference if it's the thighs causing them to rub together

hwkfan1 10

Yeah sorry haha. First comment rush got to me :D

perdix 29

Yay! Someone used the word "looser" correctly!

I think loose fitting jeans might make it worse.

Lose - the opposite of win. Loose - your mom.

Just lose some weight and stop complaining on FML about it.

coughyochick 7

NO NO MORE. End that man for gods sake!!!

I scare myself to death over tiny things too, OP. Be glad there wasnt actually someone behind you (:

There seems to be some friction in your life...

Another solution could be less bacon and a bit more jogging. But hey, at least your little stair marathon could be a start :D

pcentral 17

I understand your point, however I beg to differ that anyone should deprive themselves of bacon. Bacon is (and I can't emphasize this enough) perhaps the most amazing thing ever!! If I could no longer have bacon I would cease to care about living. I feel that cake would be a less painful food to give up.

I understand your point too, but I only implied to have *less bacon. I also cannot deny my absolutely crazy love for bacon, the greasy god of all meats, in my opinion.

pcentral 17

My mistake, I got distracted by my emotions, imagining a bacon-less world. It was the horror of that thought that overcame me.

Some people's bodies are just built that way. OP could be a healthy weight.

^ That's understandable, but implying that OP posted this FML, it seems like they aren't happy with their weight.

Dunno why everyone is giving 9 such a hard time. I +1 her comment. And as far as it not being implied that OP is bigger, if your thighs are making so much noise you think someone is chasing you, your a big bitch. Those that disagree are lying to themselves and in the same boat as OP. On another note, not eating bacon is the ultimate punishment, try just cutting junk food first :)

I'm a normal weight and even when I was underweight my jeans rubbed together.

I'm only 100 pounds but I have pretty thick thighs due to genetics. They rub together when I walk. Being overweight has nothing to do with this FML... Actually I think the same thing happened to me... :O

49- I was considering thumbing up your comment until i got to 'your a big bitch.' not only is it 'you're', you are also implying that being fat is synonymous with 'bitch' And for the record, my thighs do it and I'm a size 6 (US 2 I think...) '

Thanks to Canadians you have. Bacon ;) And yes there is nothing in this fml that states this girl is fat I am 167pounds and my jeans still make those crazy noises As u can c from my pic I am not fat

Be careful! If they were corduroy jeans, you could start a fire between your legs.:P

yomamaOo 2

Learn the difference between "lose" and "loose", Dumbass McAssface.

having your thighs rub together doesn't necessarily mean someone is fat

CombatMayhem 5

Yes it does. If you aren't fat, your thighs do t touch. If they do, get your fat ass on a treadmill.

yomamaOo 2

Shut up this ain't English class

26- Nope. Negative. Not correct. Your first comment failed.

yomamaOo - I can see you're new here, so I'll be nice. No, this isn't English class, asshole. But if you're going to go after some random person on the Internet for possibly being overweight, then I'm going to go after you for being an idiot and not understanding basic grammar and punctuation. See how that works? Intelligent people use mistakes as learning opportunities. Morons use excuses. Which did you use?

perdix 29

#11, there should be a comma after "weight," and it's "Fatty McFat," although I prefer the variant, "Fatty McFatfat." And, yes, this is English class!

26 - Really? Well my thighs are touching THIS VERY MOMENT as I write this FML. I weigh less than 100 lbs. Now go back to Kindergarden where they teach you many things. Like how to not be an arsehole.

peve3 12

My thighs touch and I'm in good shape. I run two miles every other day and play softball. I just have muscled thighs, which makes them big. Maybe you wrote this because the same thing happened to you, but on you it was fat, so now you're taking it out on other people.

With_Love929 3

66- you're 17 and UNDER 100lbs?! D:

With_Love929 3

Not 66 - @38 i'm sorry, i got confused.

My thighs rub and I'm 5'6 and 120 lbs... You callin me fat?

perdix 29

Scary! I have a fear of thunder, . . . thighs, that is.