By Anonymous - 02/06/2011 04:17

Today, I threw myself a surprise party. FML
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I'm surprised you were even invited.

And you're genuinely surprised it's come to this?


And you're genuinely surprised it's come to this?

Forever alone .

how can you complain about a surprise party op! :p

at least you don't have to share your cake op :D

The important question is: were you surprised by the party?

how do you throw yourself a surprise party? it's my birthday in 6 days, so I could do with some pointers!

Were you surprised? Don't give yourself a heart attack or punch yourself in the face, I've seen stuff like that happen at surprise parties.

so it wasnt much of a surprise eh?

thats what pot does.

well I bet "you deserved it"

Ydi for suprising yourself

The op then decided to treat himself to some surprise sex.

yeah to some birthday sex

Yep. The party was in his pants...

op. You are a badass

Off topic and random, but I smell of dying marbles.

I don't know but #35 is about to be surprised by the harlem globe trotters...

you look suspiciously like a friend of mine, but She's from California

I'm Scottish so it's not me :P

I am OP In training. I'll end up throwing a surprise party for myself. I can also feel OP's pain. Fuck our lives.

Forever Alone.

tht profile pic u have is hilarious...just sayin

poker face . . ---

I'm surprised you were even invited.

RecklessJellyBea win :D

i made your thumbs up 69. *hehe*

Probably the biggest WIN comment I've ever read

Whats so win about that?

*sniff* *sniff* this is so sad.

damn that a big disappointment you must been really bored or got no friends. so who was invited? haha

OP is a white crayon.

did you at least act surprised?

fyl for being surprised by your own party