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Today, I found out that the gentle, adorable oral surgeon who took out my wisdom teeth last year was recently arrested for rape. FML
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Not quite sure how this affects your current being.....

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Don't be quick to judge. Accusations are often more damaging than the crime.


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Don't be quick to judge. Accusations are often more damaging than the crime.

agreed with 1. the accuser (sp?) may be a angry ex.

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Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence were suppose to have in the united states of America?

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Wow that sucks! I have learned to always expect the unexpected!!

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While I agree false accusations are wrong, it is not more damaging than actual rape.

Is no one else thinking of ''Horrible bosses?

49 - we have no idea if OP was actually raped or if the oral surgeon was raping his patients or if he is even guilty.

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67- I was totally thinking it too!

Innocent until proved guilty, and also this has no effect on OP, during wisdom teeth removal, the surgeon and two nurses are required to be in there at one time, because A) the surgeon needs help B) if someone throws up during wisdom teeth removal, or any type of surgery where a patient is unconscious, immediate medical help would need to be administered. All that being said, unless they're all rapists, OP has nothing to worry about and should stop judging her surgeon.

#49 - 2 men in my hometown were recently released from jail for rape where the sole conviction evidence was from the accuser, caught out in another lie about rape. One of them had served 5 years of an 8 year term. My point is that, yes false accusations can be just as damaging and should be vilified as much as the act itself. Just because someone is arrested does not mean guilt.

67 Except this time, the dentist isn't a hot woman

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And like I said, Spotdog, false accusations are wrong and yes, should be vilified. But as horrible as it was that said men had to suffer time in jail while innocent, tell a rape victim who can never again have sex, or form bonds, or be in social settings, or trust people, or who can never sleep or lives in a shattered state for the rest of her or his life, that a false accusation is as detrimental as rape itself. Granted, time spent in jail is unforgivable, but in today's society with DNA testing and more extensive investigations, it's rare. Rape only has a 6 percent conviction rate, mostly because it is hard to prove rape in a he said she said scenario. A false accusation can ruin a mans personal life and career, until he can put time and distance between the situation and himself. A rape victim suffers for her or his entire life. It never goes away, no matter how much time and distance has passed.

Doesn't say "accused of", says "arrested for"

121 - You usually have to be accused of something to get arrested for it. And as it doesn't say "found guilty of" it can safely be assumed the dentist hadn't been found guilty or not guilty yet. Therefore, he's still presumed innocent (until found guilty in a court of law).

Gives a whole new meaning to "You've got a pretty mouth"

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Just because when a woman wakes up the next morning and regrets having sex does not mean that she was raped. I say that if the only evidence is from the alleged victim than the case should be dismissed with the defendant freed.

Not quite sure how this affects your current being.....

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Well I know for the removal of my wisdom teeth I was put under for a couple hours. So it's pretty creepy to think that you were unconscious and at the mercy of a possible rapist.

Well, I'm not too sure about their dental care, but if they were put under to have their wisdom teeth taken out, something could have happened. That's if the accusations are true.

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^^ No idea what he just said...

#5 - The doctor isn't the only one in the room when you're put under. Unless his entire team were rapists, you'd still be fairly safe.

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11-Yeah bro, the stuff went into the place and the things happened and no one knew why, so bam.

#54-i am a human.and hopefully, so are you.

11- I'm not gonna lie, I read your comment multiple times, worked out possible translations, but in the end, I still have no idea what the hell you said.

I think #11 is saying that the doctor hasn't had sex in a while and that he couldn't control him self and had to rape somebody.. Best translation I got

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I gave up trying to read it half way through.

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Just think about the folks he went to medical school with, or his friends on the playground. Imagine how creeped out they must be to find out that they once knew someone who thirty years later would be accused of a crime. See, if you actually think about it, it's ridiculous. Something that wasn't creepy doesn't become creepy well after the fact because you think it should've been.

11's TRANSLATION: Well, also, you don't know. Maybe [the surgeon] hadn't had sex in a while, and he just acted out. We don't really know why... :D

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If OP was knocked out while having her wisdom teeth removed, I'm pretty sure she's worried that she was taken advantage of. "just get over it". You sound like a ******* idiot.

But you're never alone with the dr during. The assistant is always there. I think this is a stupid FML.

So, 3, if your dentist was a psychotic murderer who had recently killed 43 patients with dental tools, you would 'just get over it because the past is the past'?

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I'd be freaked out too, if I had been totally under and unaware while aline in a room with a rapist. But maybe that's just me?

97 - I've never heard of ANYONE being alone when they're under anesthesia. Anesthesia is very tricky and dangerous and the anesthesiologist needs to be on hand at all times during the procedure (hence anesthesiology being one of the highest paid medical professions). Plus there would have been nurses present to assist the dentist, monitor the patient and be there for liability purposes. So really, the OP is just trying to get a little attention and needless sympathy.

If he was a good oral surgeon it doesn't really affect you..

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That makes me think of oral rape.... XD

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What if he put his schlong in your mouth while you were asleep from the meds?

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1 its not rape if you yell surprise !!! :D 2ed its not rape if you like it.... Have a good life O_o

I don't find anything even remotely funny in your reply. Wow, you're an asshole

Lol i can picture 9 writing that comment: laughing at himself and saying "i'm sooooooo gonna get thumbed up"

I read 9's "About Me"... I had to facepalm myself just to escape the pain.

^ What's sad is: I think she meant "I don't know"-idk but wrote "ikd".

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Oh thank you I'll take that into thought but I'm not the one who came up with that it's on a site I'm on

^ What's sad is I'm pretty sure she spelled her username wrong. I think it's supposed to be "dream" not "dreem".

Wow. Everyone insulting this person is an asshole. Take time from your day to do something that will not affect the future (except possibly to make you a more aggressive person), but possibly hurt anotgers feelings. Well, I guess some peopke are just narsasistic assholes. This person did nothing to insult you. **** off.

Oral rape? Anyway, if he hasn't been convicted yet, he could still prove his innocence. Because he is gentle and adorable, someone might think this would be an easy way to make a quick buck from him. There would be more to the story, so don't be too quick to judge. (FYL just in case...)

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maybe because he is "gentle and adorable" not many would suspect that he's a rapist. Alot of them are friendly in order to gain the victim's trust. Research: Earl Bradley, he was a pediatrician.....until last year that is. He molested more than 100 of his young patients. Unfortunately my mother's best friend's 3yr old granddaughter was one of those children.

19, Don't get me wrong, I am not defending the guy, and sadly, what you say is true more often than not. Sexual assault is the most unreported crime. All I'm saying is that in todays society, people do try to get money without working for it, by making accusations such as rape, or sueing for nothing. Whatever the outcome, the reputation of this guy is damaged now, and thus his career. Consequences for such crimes, including false accusations, should be more severe and hopefully that could stop people from doing it. (Sorry for your friends' granddaughter though. May the **** rot in jail forever)

You mean prove guilt, he's innocent until proven otherwise.

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What I find interesting is that if the OP had stated any other crime, most posters would not question his guilt. For example, had she said he was arrested for beating the crap out of someone, or for robbing from his patients, etc, everyone tends to assume guilt. But the second one mentions rape, most posters assume the victim, or possible victim, is making it up because she is a money hungry, vindictive ex, despite the FBI statistical fact that false rape accusations are at the same level of any other false accusation for other crimes. I wonder why that is.

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Rape is a fuzzier area than most crimes. It's very easy to prove assault (witnesses are usually around) or murder (there's usually a dead person involved), but rape is between only two people, and sometimes women don't even know if they have been raped. And I think, as I'm sure others do, that it's an easier crime to falsify than others. It's easier to claim rape with little to no evidence than, say, embezzlement or domestic violence.

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Really? The most unreported crime? More than petty theft, underage drinking, or copyright infringement? Your point stands without ridiculous hyperbole. Don't sabotage your own argument.

#50, nobody gives half a flying **** about the FBI for one. Two, yes, the false accusations for rape might be the same as for any other crime but if you had even stopped to think before making presumptuous comments, you would realize that for any other crime there would be most likely many different pieces of incriminating evidence, such as bruises on the victim of the crime is assault, a credit card record/bank record if the crime is stealing money etc. With crimes such as rape, there is no incriminating evidence other than the spoken work of the victim. And ALSO, the OP stated that her oral surgeon was arrested for it, not convicted. Just because someone has been arrested for a crime doesn't mean they are guilty of it it just means there is suspicion that they committed the crime and they will have to go to court. Next time you try to sound smart over FML try to brush up on your common sense as well as your facts.