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By  Victoria2103  |  0

You deserve it for lying. How were you talking if the surgeon had his hands in your mouth? Also, most oral surgeons use general anesthesia instead of local. Which means you would be unconscious.

By  Fouisgras  |  0

#1, not a fake FML at all. Either laughing gas or they offer a narcotic treatment. I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled in a month and they aren't using local or general anesthetic. Some sort of narcotics that render you half awake and half asleep.

  chupacabra141  |  9

But the surgeon is operating on the OP's teeth. How can OP be talking if the surgeon has his hands and dental instruments in OP's mouth. It would be impossible for the surgeon to work.

By  Flora_fml  |  6

To everyone calling this fake, I'm guessing you've never been under for tooth extraction. It takes a long time to come back out of it, during which time you can say lots of gibberish! I doubt sex & drug history, but I mumbled for several minutes after getting 7 teeth pulled about clothes & my mom apparently...

  safirestar09  |  0

I know what you mean. Once, I got four teeth pulled to make room in my mouth and I started talking to the dentist about SpongeBob and how pretty the clouds were. There were clouds, but they were painted on the ceiling.