By margretlle - 26/04/2009 04:07 - United States

Today, I was walking in the kitchen with my parrot on my shoulder and my dog running around. Something freaked out my bird and she bit my ear and started flapping her wings in my face. Surprised, I took a step back, tripped over my dog, fell, hit my head on the stove, and got knocked unconscious. FML
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I think they planned that one out. Lol owned

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What exactly was the point of that comment?


first :p and loll!

uuuuuuhhhhh your bird was probably freaked out because your dog was running around.

I have a feeling this is a fake


Jailbreak attempt number 2.....

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What exactly was the point of that comment?

Now.. sh!t happens, don't it!?! LoooooooooL..

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Everyone on FML is getting knocked unconscious these days.

Knocked up or knocked out

Best fake FML ever.

You should shoot the bird and feed it to the dog. Then cook the dog in the stove. Then, instead of calling this an FML, you could call it a lesson.

Was your bird okay? D=

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haha what are you some kind of pirate? No, but that really sucks FYL indeed

Ouch, at least you're okay. Dumb parrot!