By shubididubbitty - 20/02/2016 18:06 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, on my way to the dentist, I got rear ended by my own dentist. FML
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Now your car has cavities.

He must have been late to your appointment. I hope he will pay for your damages!


Now your car has cavities.

"Your appointment is now free!"

With his car.... Errrrr

Yes, that is how rear ending usually works.

#2. What did you think OP was talking about ... surprise anal sex on the way to the dental office?

Duh. What were you thinking about?

He must have been late to your appointment. I hope he will pay for your damages!

I'm not sure how insurance works where you live but at least this way you can get his insurance no matter what. Hit and runs are the worst.

OP never said it was a hit and run.

Neither is #6. They're saying that even if the dentist had drove off, OP would've been able to get their details no matter what.

#13 You mean #4, right? Just checking.

Exactly 13. Guess no one understood what I meant. I didn't say it was a hit and run. Hit and runs you can't get insurance info whereas I said "at least this way you can."

Ask for free dental service and no one will ever hear about that accident again.

That's what I would do, dental visits ain't cheap nor is extra insurance rates

you don't get spiked insurance rates if someone else hits you....

He better pay up. You know where he works.

Now he has to fix your mouth and your car...F his life

Am I the only one who thought of this differently...?

Yes, you dirty dirty mind.

He was just trying to pre-loosen those molars.

Or save on anesthetics.

That wouldn't hurt so much if you flossed.