By Makala - 03/12/2011 08:15 - Egypt

Today, in geometry class, we were working in dead silence. Apparently my phone wasn't on vibrate, and I received 25 texts all at once, while it blasted "Hakuna Matataaaa" out of my back pocket. They weren't even texts from friends, just Facebook notifications. FML
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38 did you just mix Swahili and Spanish?

gabrielbaby 9

64- and English, hakuna- Swahili, me- English, gusta- Spanish.

71- "me" is Spanish, It's a special context of "yo" meaning "I" used only in the case of certain words, such as gusta "me gusta" means "I like". There's your Spanish lesson for the day.

Don't worry about a thing OP! It's all good!

gabrielbaby 9

Actually I'm part puerto rican and had a Spanish boyfriend. Excuse me for my brain fail. I spaced, hard day. Jeez.

118: .."conoce" español. Nadie sabe una lengua.

141- no.. "conoce" is used when you are talking about people or meeting someone.

It means no worries for the rest of you days :}

xSonic 9

Everyone's gonna thumb down this comment because it's irrelevant but..... Why are all these FMLS structured the same? They always have the word 'Apparently'. even when it's not necessary it's there.

Everyone's gonna thumb down this comment because it's irrelevant but..... Why are all these comments using the same kind of slang and bad grammar? Oh yeah, 'cause it's a big trend. What does your comment have to do with #3's, anyway, tard-boy?

JinxosGirl87 0

I would have just sang along when it went off. No worries! :)

pfx2_fml 15

At least it wasn't Justin biber..

DeadxManxWalking 27
gabrielbaby 9

Too bad it wasn't :) Yup now I'm going to be attacked with thumbs down, just because I have an opinion and like Justin bieber.

48- and why do you seemed to be so stressed out on getting thumbs down? It's just other people's opinions on your comment. Either they love your comment, or they ******* hate you and wish you'd go jump in a frozen lake.

I agree with you! :) too bad it WASN'T Justin bieber! Ahahah, hes amazing :) now I'll get thumbs down too!

I have a cure for Bieber Fever: kill Justin Bieber. Muahahahahahahaha >:3

48- and I bet you are a 13 year old girl.

gabrielbaby 9

Nope, I actually like his music. Their are Many girls I know your age and older who like him too. Its a matter of opinion, I don't like screamo, you don't hear me hating? Or calling anyone who does an emo middle schooler. I'm actually a bit older than you.

taytaylal 11

yeah the only bad thing about killing justin bieber is that his songs will be played every single minute everywhere. like when micheal jackson died.

dyble95 0

What I found really hypocritical about Justin Beiver fans that I knew was how they got all defensive about JB and said to stop hating but when it came to rebecca black they all jumped on the band wagon and ripped her apart worse then most.

I have come to a very simple conclusion: All these teeny bopper singers need to go the **** away.

Lol. This happened to me in AP Music Theory with caramel dansen....

I respect that. Speedycake remix or the original though?

Probably speedycake.. this makes me want to listen to Caramelldansen now..

RacistPancake 6

How did you not turn it off during 25 texts?

RacistPancake 6

Wtf why so many thumbs down??? It takes you 25 texts to realize you need to turn it off???

ptrick718 1

Remember, No worries for the rest of your days. Except having your phone taken away

Yup. Trashin' The Camp from Tarzan is my mobile ring tone.

Buttsexpirate 9