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  Futacy  |  29

Dentist: "Okay we're almost done and... oh shit!"
OP: "What's wrong?"
Dentist:"Oh nothing. Just out of curiosity, would your insurance pay for a second root canal?"


Sometimes with x-rays you can't tell. It's a 2D image of a 3D object. Also infection can be shown on an x-ray to look like its at the roots of one tooth when it's spread to others too. Dentists also use the abscess that is present when an Root canal is needed, but that can be on the wrong tooth, the abscess is where the infection is leaving the body. One sure way of finding the right tooth is inserting what we call a GP point into the abscess and take an x-ray and see which tooth it leads to :)

  nature_girl_08  |  14

#39: i had a root canal done (it was done on the correct tooth) and had a cap put on it. the damn thing still freaking hurts randomly. so i don't think root canals completely kill the tooth. that, or they just missed some on mine :/

  bronsrawr  |  1

Teeth needing root canals are not usually discolored or foul-smelling. There is no way to tell except for the patient's pain and an X-ray. But tooth pain radiates, so the patient might have pointed to the wrong tooth. And x-rays of infections can make it appear as though the infection is located on the root of two teeth rather than just one.

  Luckyrae01  |  1

I JUST had a root canal this week. I had originally thought my tooth pain radiated from a different tooth. If the dentist would've listened to me, he would've fixed the wrong one. He did a couple of "tests" to see which one was giving me problems. He had to cause the tooth pain of course, but he got the right one! :)

By  bobgooeyflonder  |  6

How the underworld does that happen? Moron with the tools and professional up the ass training fails to follow your request of which tooth you want fixed and doesn't even notice that he's doing something wrong... Pure penis for you. FYL

  DocBastard  |  38

The Idiot-English Translation Engine needed some work to do anyway.

*whirr* *bzzz* *click* *DING*

"How the hell does that happen? The moron with the tools and purported training failed to fix the tooth you want fixed and doesn't even notice he's doing something wrong! What an idiot! I translated this comment from English to Greek to Russian to Esperanto to Swahili and back to English before posting it!"

You're welcome.