By Vxale - / Thursday 29 September 2011 17:20 / United States
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  Zomg_Okay  |  26

26 - If a patient has better teeth than a dentist, the dentist can't be very good because then that dentist doesn't take care of his or her own teeth.

  jakeisawake  |  3

All I'm saying is that this dentist is probably the best freaking dentist ever. He obviously cares more about his patients' teeth over his. He knows what being a dentist is all about.

  fthislyfe  |  22

My aunt became a dentist when she was 24. Before that she didn't take care of her teeth so her teeth don't look really good. But after that, she took good care of it. Maybe that's the case.

  Geurge  |  3

Doesn't really matter what the dentists own teeth are like, they don't reflect his own dentist skills, I mean it's not like he's the one performing dentistry on himself.

it's like that story, if there are 2 dentists is town, one has immaculate shiny White teeth, and the other dentist has terrible teeth, which one would you go to? the one with bad teeth because he had to go to the other dentist to get his teeth done.


i agree with 56.. its not like hes practicing his dentistry on himself... thats like saying that you got a new hairdresser, and his hair is worse than yours.. well, hes not cutting his own hair

  thatguy888  |  0

You know how they say that the mechanic is always the one with the broken car? After being a dentist for other people all day why would he want to go to the dentist on his off days?

  Enslaved  |  36

Yeah, that just means your dentist doesn't have a good dentist. Lol but I can see the OP's concern, if he was good, he'd be able to communicate to the other dentist about what he needs done.

**I feel the same way about going to my hairstylist.

  rawrlily  |  0

Reminds me of the age-old puzzle.
There are 2 hairdressers in town. One's hair is terribly mangled, while the other's is beautiful and nicely styled and cut. Which do you go to?
A. The one with the mangled haircut. One can't cut his own hair, so he had to go to the other hairdresser....

  Enslaved  |  36

That would seem like a cute joke however....hairdressers do style their own hair (but maybe not cut it) If they're going to give me tips on how to have that "just out of the salon look" on my own, they need to show that they can keep it up themselves. (:

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