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Today, my assistant manager was arguing with a customer. I interjected letting the customer know that "we want everything to be copacetic." After the customer left, I received a write up for using "big words." FML
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thats like talking in an other language to us simple foke

Ha ha ha! Sounds like his vocabulary isn't as sophisticated as yours!


thats like talking in an other language to us simple foke

why? and what if you found out that your dumb, would you hate yourself?

You're*. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

it's funny cuz Patrick is his picture and Patrick is dumb. js

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see, told you those big words are overrated

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I think you'd have a fairly good idea of how dumb you are and would realise this yourself instead of "finding out".

To hate dumb people is not very smart either.

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^Please back up you crumbling statements

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102, please reread your comment before posting. Thanks.

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I only hate dumb people who try to act smart.

I'm surprised no one picked up on the misspelled "foke". it's folk!

depends on what part of the country you are from

What's that mean anyway? never heard of it.

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It means going well or running smoothly. Sorry OP, FYL.

It's actually kind of an obscure word, and is pretty much unused outside of the USA. I understand that a lot of people wouldn't know it, but is it really an offence to have a big vocabulary these days?

don't worry.. it's a fake word that no one ever uses.. I dont think they deserved a write up, but I still think OP is an idiot for using it in conversation because of it's obscurity..

This is America what we don't understand we fear what we fear we try to destroy

Ha ha ha! Sounds like his vocabulary isn't as sophisticated as yours!

But those with a truly sophisticated grasp of language can speak so all can understand: OP could have said satisfactory, it means the same thing.

I believe that this may be a case of Contra principia negantem non est disputandum, or do I have to dumb that down for you? Thus making my point. When talking to a stranger, if your goal is to communicate, then you use words that most people would understand. If your goal is to be pretentious, then you use the highest level of words that you can think of, but often fail to communicate. It depends on what OP's goal was.

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1) nope you don't have to dumb that down, even if I didn't know Latin you should be able to extrapolate at least close to what you meant. 2) often people with a higher vocabulary are used to using that higher vocabulary and don't think of it as higher but normal so it would not be odd for them to use "big words".

Big words can reveal a big wisdom or hide a big dumbness.

a clever man is proud of how much he knows, a wise man is humbled by how much he had left to learn...

@99 it may not be odd for them to use such language but you can't assume that the people are stupid, over ignorant. Should you prefer to use a more "sophisticated" vocabulary it is by all means your choice however should I not understand and you would wish to communicate with me than please explain every word I have yet to encounter or taken the chance to find the definition of and you will have the ultimatum of choosing between explaining every word you use or just using a more "common" vocabulary, SHOULD you wish to continue further a discussion.

with me, or anyone else who has not able to dissect your words. Should the person understand what you are saying than the better for you.

bull. I don't know Latin and about the only thing I got was principal.

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Your assistant manager can't write you up. Talk to your manager. Also let the manager know that your assistant manager was ARGUEING with a customer. The assistant manager needs to be fired.

I'm not even officially a manager and I can write people up. Where do you work that assistant managers can't write people up?

I completely agree that the assistant manager is an idiot and shouldn't be arguing with customers though, don't get me wrong.

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I believe this person was speaking of the reason OP was written up for not the assistant manager being able to write people up

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Agreed. Go over the Asst. Manager's head and report him for frivolously writing you up.

18, that makes more sense actually. I didn't really think about that.

Lol, you have to realize that most people are stupid... so even if you have an amazing vocabulary, 2/3 of the population is still texting each other with 'u', 'r', and 'c'.

Why do you say still texting as if there has been some kind of decline in text speak? I'd say if anything text speak is getting worse thanks to phone commercials and such. My own father has recently adopted this style of texting and it frustrates me to no end. He's also gotten big on emoticons, anyone know if there is a cure for using too many emoticons?


Take his phone & throw it against the wall as hard as you can, that should do the trick.

how hard can a gerbal/ mouse throw a phone?

I have actually experianced the decline in proper grammar and spelling. I try to refrain from using 'text language' but sometimes it's just faster. I have also found myself stopping midsentence to correct myself from saying "me and haley" instead of "haley and I". It's so embarrassing. And then I also find myself trying to describe emotions without emoticons harder. It's kind of scary...

It's a gerbil just for clarification. It's weird to me what comments get voted down these days.

I seriously had to face palm after the gerbil comment.

oh my god. ultimate grammar Nazis.. you should both be so proud.. "oh yes good sir I too must admit that I have witnessed an awfully sharp decline in the grammar of common folk.." I agree with you, but there's no need to stand on your soap box and bitch about it.. idiots.

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Bitching is the only thing people can do if the idiots that use "text speak" don't listen. Who cares if it's faster?

oh that's pathetic of the assistant manager = / my bad

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What a weanie! It's not even a big word!

And you post this on FML? 90% of the comments will probably be like "WTF is copacetic?? You totally deserve it 4 using a fake word!!! " FYL though, youassistantnt manager is an idiot.

WTF is assistent!? U totalie deserve it 4 using a fake word!!! Lololoolololooooooool!!1one

Eh haha crap, it's the Dutch spelling ;)

"fake" word?? how about you try looking it up on google before you make yourself sound stupid.... oh, too late!

Nice try Doortje. Everyone knows there's no such language as "Dutch".

Hey, just because I live in a small country doesn't mean I don't have feelings :'( I wasn't lying btw, assistent really is the Dutch word for assistant.

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Hey, I always go "Dutch" when I go out drinking with my friends. Does that count?(:

Assistent is a perfectly cromulent word.

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Hey sourgirl, I hear "once you go Dutch, you never..." Ahhh Crap!!!

I think I might be in love with DocBastard. hilarious in every comment!

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It's assistent in norwegian as well.

pendatik, there wasn't humor or sarcasm anywhere in that statement. you're an idiot

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yeah for real, what's that mean anyway? har har