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  Zebidee  |  8

It's actually kind of an obscure word, and is pretty much unused outside of the USA.

I understand that a lot of people wouldn't know it, but is it really an offence to have a big vocabulary these days?

  Massdebater  |  1

don't worry.. it's a fake word that no one ever uses.. I dont think they deserved a write up, but I still think OP is an idiot for using it in conversation because of it's obscurity..


I believe that this may be a case of Contra principia negantem non est disputandum, or do I have to dumb that down for you?
Thus making my point.
When talking to a stranger, if your goal is to communicate, then you use words that most people would understand. If your goal is to be pretentious, then you use the highest level of words that you can think of, but often fail to communicate. It depends on what OP's goal was.

  supernice  |  0

1) nope you don't have to dumb that down, even if I didn't know Latin you should be able to extrapolate at least close to what you meant. 2) often people with a higher vocabulary are used to using that higher vocabulary and don't think of it as higher but normal so it would not be odd for them to use "big words".

  RealChinese  |  7

@99 it may not be odd for them to use such language but you can't assume that the people are stupid, over ignorant. Should you prefer to use a more "sophisticated" vocabulary it is by all means your choice however should I not understand and you would wish to communicate with me than please explain every word I have yet to encounter or taken the chance to find the definition of and you will have the ultimatum of choosing between explaining every word you use or just using a more "common" vocabulary, SHOULD you wish to continue further a discussion.

By  roaminginsomniac  |  0

Your assistant manager can't write you up. Talk to your manager. Also let the manager know that your assistant manager was ARGUEING with a customer. The assistant manager needs to be fired.

By  ICantNameMe  |  2

Lol, you have to realize that most people are stupid... so even if you have an amazing vocabulary, 2/3 of the population is still texting each other with 'u', 'r', and 'c'.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

Why do you say still texting as if there has been some kind of decline in text speak? I'd say if anything text speak is getting worse thanks to phone commercials and such. My own father has recently adopted this style of texting and it frustrates me to no end. He's also gotten big on emoticons, anyone know if there is a cure for using too many emoticons?


I have actually experianced the decline in proper grammar and spelling. I try to refrain from using 'text language' but sometimes it's just faster. I have also found myself stopping midsentence to correct myself from saying "me and haley" instead of "haley and I". It's so embarrassing.
And then I also find myself trying to describe emotions without emoticons harder. It's kind of scary...

  Massdebater  |  1

oh my god. ultimate grammar Nazis.. you should both be so proud.. "oh yes good sir I too must admit that I have witnessed an awfully sharp decline in the grammar of common folk.." I agree with you, but there's no need to stand on your soap box and bitch about it.. idiots.

By  Doortje  |  29

And you post this on FML? 90% of the comments will probably be like "WTF is copacetic?? You totally deserve it 4 using a fake word!!! "

FYL though, youassistantnt manager is an idiot.

  Doortje  |  29

Hey, just because I live in a small country doesn't mean I don't have feelings :'(
I wasn't lying btw, assistent really is the Dutch word for assistant.