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Today, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I vaguely remember telling the doctor that I'm a virgin. Several times. FML
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Then the doctor looks at you sideways and says, "Not anymore..."

I'm sure he's heard people say much worse things under anesthetic - at least you weren't describing your sexual experiences?


I'm sure he's heard people say much worse things under anesthetic - at least you weren't describing your sexual experiences?

not necessarily, she could have done all sorts of other things without having sex.

Well I meant that at least because she's a virgin she couldn't have been describing her sex life.

well I guess she tachnically was describing her sexual experiences, or lack there of, but still...

Sorry i hit send by accident. 10) Blow jobs (mouth,) hand job (hands,) I forgot name for using feet.. point is everything but doing it in the ear is considered sex/foreplay.

Hopefully after her procedure she's still a virgin.

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44- I think the term you were looking for was "foot job". Sounds pretty disgusting if you ask me.

Just be careful what you say when you're on the pain medication after the extraction. Seriously, feel better.

60-I don't have a foot fetish but when I was fooling around with my ex we just tried a foot job to see what it was like. It's actually a fairly good feeling but the fact it's her feet doesn't turn me on so it wasn't like we were all into it and stopped after about 10 seconds. It wasn't disgusting though, just like hand jobs aren't gross when you don't have a hand fetish.

Okay, sharing experiences to enlighten people on a topic and to share my opinion, apparently a no...sorry for not jumping on the bandwagon of everything foot related being gross.

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Maybe she was talking about being a "virgin" surgery wise. She may have never had surgery before and this was her first time. But if not, you can still probably save yourself with that excuse.

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******* fail... Oh look! I swapped the first letters around too!

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You cursed. You need to say to yourself "im a terrible person...and i should die!"

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It's a line off of an awesome movie. Dickie Roberts. Obviously you haven't seen the movie. Fail

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Geez what's with all the Dickie Roberts hate?

The comment was a fail.. This whole thread following the comment is a fail.

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Fail everywhere. And with this, gadies and lentlemen, i bid you niggas adu. And testicles

Then the doctor looks at you sideways and says, "Not anymore..."

I think OP would have been ok with that since she kept hinting.

The renters hears crazy things when people are under. So don't worry about it OP.

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HA! I get what you did there 3, because she's having oral work done.

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68 - I'm pretty sure 3 was saying that because she got put under anesthesia, not because of the "oral work". At least, that's what I gathered from his comment.

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I got that also, but god for bid my dirty mind goes and wonders!

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Being a virgin isn't to mainstream

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Yet making stupid comments sadly is...

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That's the sad thing about our generation today. We have so many teen pregnancies because of all the "mainstream" things going on.

We have less. We just hear about them more.

Exactly, 70. People don't seem to remember that at one time in history, women were expected to have children by age 18.

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I mean being a virgin ain't a bad thing!

Its not the worst thing you could have said so don't feel to bad, you virgin

I'm sorry OP, I've said some pretty crazy things under anesthesia many times! I'm sure the doctor is used to it! Don't sweat it:)

You probably told him you want to be like kristen stewart, but married to justin beaver.

Okay, I can't take this immature horseshit any more. SO ******* WHAT is laurenlovesjb likes Justin Beiber? Is it any of your ******* concern? How old are you guys, because you're acting like middle schoolers. I'm sick of replies to her that say: "I thumbed you down because you like Justin Beiber." "Eew, you like Justin Beiber." And all of the Justin Beiber bullshit. Most of the time her comments are coherent, smart and kind, which is more than I can say for a lot of commenters on here. Her preferences have nothing to do with her intelligence. Get the **** over it, you guys are ridiculous.

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From what I understand, it's rare that the crazy things you say under anesthesia are actually coherent, anyway. It's like drunk sleep talking. On top of that, OP probably had her mouth propped open so the doctors could get at the offending teeth to remove them, so while she may have said "I'm a virgin," it probably sounded more like "Iee aah errrin" to the dentist.

I admire Lauren's stoicism in all of this. I don't think I've ever seen her betray any hurt or anger, or lash out at anyone, even when they deserve it. She just lets her haters expose themselves as the immature assholes they are. Lauren's a pretty cool and classy young lady in my book... Even if I don't agree with her taste in music and men.

I won't lie; I've caught myself humming along to JBs new songs. I'm not ashamed!!

MITM I hate his music NOT him. As for kristen, all who says she's emotionless, do not realize she plays a socially awkward teenager. Honestly part of that came from a crappy mood, if I could take it back I would.

Because having a crappy mood is a good excuse to belittle a stranger.

87 I know I already wish i could take it back. :( I wish a mod would moderate it for me.

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Getting my wisdom teeth out was one of the most painful things I've ever gone through, especially since I had 7. It was more invasive and I was a wreck afterwards. :/

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Meant to also say that I feel for ya, OP!

You had seven?! You're a shark, aren't you?

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#11, getting my eye teeth pulled was worse than the wisdom teeth. Try to avoid that.

#24: You must have really taken those vampire anonymous meetings to heart. That, or you took the idiom "give your eye teeth for something," seriously. I'm going to go with vampire, though.

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That was not very wise. I feel there's molar to this story. I think you should see a shrink so you can get to the root of this problem.

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Don't worry, when I was being knocked out to have mine removed I told them I was going to be sick and then kicked my shoes off. I'm sure they have seen worse.

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My sister did the same thing... Then shouted let's have a bond fire right here right now