By angelamegan21 - 28/05/2014 20:33 - United States - Port Saint Lucie

Today, I burned my left breast with hot oil at work. Everyone's now calling me "toaster strudel" and singing "This girl is on fire" every time we cross paths. FML
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At least you've got people telling you you're hot. I'm not even close to that... Lmao

Everyone knows the best breasts are deep fried.


At least you've got people telling you you're hot. I'm not even close to that... Lmao

did they even call her hot? I thought they were just mocking her for burning her tit.

AnOriginalName 19

#1, would being the opposite of hot make you cool?

Unless you are room temperature #22 or you're as cold as ice (Foreigner anyone?)

Why are you racist against your right breast? Huh? Huh? What did it ever do to you?

zevo1415 10

What's wrong with you?

incoherentrmblr 21

#2, It's Prejudice, not Racist. Get it right...

You've got a "hot" bod...get it??

Tell them you'll use your fiery boob to burn down the hotel if they keep this up ;P

Where did you get hotel from?

This is a sure fire way to get beat up at work.

Right.. Where did I get hotel from? O.o Oh well!

I can't imagine how this happened at all. What kind of a situation would lead to the spilling of hot oil on your boob of all places?

I'm going to guess you've never set foot in a kitchen.

RedPillSucks 31

@TheFapMaker Ok, I feel weird that this caused some arousal "She was stirring her mixture of deliciousness within..." "Scored on her boob" "burns on my ass..."

I've actually set foot in a kitchen thousands of times 34 and have worked in fast food. It just happens that at work I've never been undressed and had hot oil above me. Thank you 14 for a not asshole response to a perfectly reasonable question.

Everyone knows the best breasts are deep fried.

Dammit now I'm craving KFC. Extra crispy with a side of gravy.

No, Popeye's. Some spicy breasts and biscuits.

91hayek 31

As a guy in a workplace situation, how do I offer assistance to a female coworker who has burned her boob? I find this very awkward at the least, and feel like nothing I do will be appropriate.

You can start by not calling her "toaster strudel" lol. That'll be enough.

It is always important to determine if the burning breast is natural or augmented. A silicone implant under heat can release toxic fumes. Unfortunately, a fuming implant can Toxic Titty Syndrome.

RedPillSucks 31

Lol, I was hospitalized for secondary TTSD!!!

How about simply asking if she needs anything. It's not always necessary to label an unusual but nonetheless normal situation as awkward.

best course of action has to be pop those babies out, and air them out to cool down for sure

TorturedXeno 27

Hot oil isn't really your breast friend if it falls on you.

ihavenolifehaha 16

Just take it as a compliment

I really hope there's a guy at your workplace who can bake... The girl on fire and the boy with the bread. ... I'd ship it.

This is the best reference ever