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  HahaHokayThen  |  10

93, look up "swirly" & then look up "fetish" separately. Fetish is a sexual desire, & a swirly is when someone shoves your head down the toilet & flushes it. So basically, OP's boyfriend is turned on by people's heads in toilets.

  ZebcoGirl  |  0

57- Did I say anything about liking it you dumb bitch? No, I didn't think so. A question was asked so I answered it. There is no need for your dumbass comments.

  niplipsip  |  9

169 - calm your tits. makes me think you might just like it. the fuck. I saw 57's comment as an addition to yours. you described "swirly", he described "fetish".. gd, I wonder how you are in person.

By  TorturedXeno  |  27

You going to take him up on that?

  jwade11  |  12

That's pretty disgusting but I guess when you're in a relationship you have to be willing to do some things to keep the sparks going. Maybe y'all can compromise on something not so filthy....??

  graham11  |  14

8- news flash!!! Ladies do not like mullets and fake beards. Take the highway to the nearest exit, veer right, and your destination will be on the left: the hair salon.

  bchelle11  |  0

Bull. You're iPod only spells words right. 'Curtacy' if you could see this on my phone right APPLE phone then you would see the red lines. You sir, are invalid.

  PerditaDessa  |  38

They spell words wrong, too. The user just has to have made the spelling mistake multiple times for it to correct it incorrectly, and the red line doesn't always show up if the iPod/phone has 'no suggestions.'