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Today, after telling my boyfriend I was willing to try just about anything to revive our sex life, he confessed to having a swirly fetish. FML
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tacovender 7

Nothing like dipping your head in a dirty toilet during sex!

And...that's when you wish life had an undo button.


MibInwalo 0

Well this relationship had certainly gone down the drain...

MyPupRox 2

Everybody has their guilty pleasure.

Diaper fetishes are weirder to me, but I still agree. OP, I would not stick my head down the toilet to turn my boyfriend on. Haha

82, I thumbed up your comment not because of your comment, but because of your profile description. haha :D

Before you tumb me down for asking, I would like to add that I've used google, urban dictionary, and yahoo answers. With that having said, what the **** is a swirly fetish?

n_epic_fail 14

Did anyone else think "Swirly" was some kinds of kinky sex term?....

93, look up "swirly" & then look up "fetish" separately. Fetish is a sexual desire, & a swirly is when someone shoves your head down the toilet & flushes it. So basically, OP's boyfriend is turned on by people's heads in toilets.

drewfus2 6

88- I thumbed because of his use of the word "egregious".

Thats the 'OH' moment in a relationship when you know it's not going any farther.

99- I agree. I was afraid to look it up and find some weird ass definitions..

I like the fact that my bio took over half of this discussion.

Is that giving or receiving swirlies, and did you 'bow' to his demands?!

jwade11 12
ZebcoGirl 0

You get your head put in a toilet and the person holds you down while they flush it

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AliCat18 12

lol as my friend always says...."fatty want a cookie?"

ZebcoGirl 0

57- Did I say anything about liking it you dumb bitch? No, I didn't think so. A question was asked so I answered it. There is no need for your dumbass comments.

169 - calm your ****. makes me think you might just like it. the ****. I saw 57's comment as an addition to yours. you described "swirly", he described "fetish".. gd, I wonder how you are in person.

ZebcoGirl 0

I dont know first reaction to reading it I guess. I didnt really see the comment that way but oh well.

175, you don't have many friends do you? Because you come off as very rude and... Well. Douchey.

ZebcoGirl 0
tacovender 7

Nothing like dipping your head in a dirty toilet during sex!

Um...what's a swirly fetish?? Am I alone here..?

Beebow_fml 5

The comment you replied to explained it... And you're not alone, I've seen plenty of idiots before.

srgsk9 9
every1luvsboners 11

The man loves his porcelain, what can you say. FLUSH HIM, NAO!!

dookiedoo 0

Mullets..Buisness in the front, PARTY IN THE BACK ;D But your mullet seems to be party all around ;3

AlaskaKid95 7

25- I bet he gets all the ladies with it.

every1luvsboners 11

Fairly obvious photoshop. Although the Joe Dirt look is quite popular.

What is the joe dirt popular with? Female wookies?

8- news flash!!! Ladies do not like mullets and fake beards. Take the highway to the nearest exit, veer right, and your destination will be on the left: the hair salon.

Your spelling of courtesy was so awful it truly nearly made me forget how it's spelled.

Spell check that and I'll thumb you all day

I did spell it right the first time but my stupid iPod keeps changing it!

brrarm 17

If your iPod keeps changing it, means first few times you spelled it that way, so it thinks that's the way you WANT it spelled:)

bchelle11 0

Bull. You're iPod only spells words right. 'Curtacy' if you could see this on my phone right APPLE phone then you would see the red lines. You sir, are invalid.

PerditaDessa 38

They spell words wrong, too. The user just has to have made the spelling mistake multiple times for it to correct it incorrectly, and the red line doesn't always show up if the iPod/phone has 'no suggestions.'

Foot fetish? That's nothing compared to some of the really wacky stuff.

mrredkneck 2
jrsylilballer6 7
megsawesome 0

Very, but she did say she would try anything.

it says about anything that could rule out a lot of things like that thing where you piss on a balloon while being slapped with a riding crop