By chuffberry - 19/04/2016 13:39 - United States - Raleigh

Today, I finally saw a dermatologist due to my unusually severe acne. Now I know I actually have a rare disorder that makes me allergic to my own acne. FML
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And then the stress of of your allergic reaction causes more acne. It's a cruel vicious cycle.

Well that's quite the vicious cycle


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oh my god I am so sorry!! I really hope you can get treatment for it OP :(

And then the stress of of your allergic reaction causes more acne. It's a cruel vicious cycle.

On the plus side, op only needs to treat the one problem to get rid of both

Stress? That explains a lot.

Well that's quite the vicious cycle

Don't worry OP puberty only last all your teenage years

Unfortunately, acne isn't limited to teenagers. Lots of adult sufferers out there as well.

Thanks for ruining the joke

#8 I think you are the joke

Oh no an Internet stranger insulted me whatever will I do

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4, just stop trying. Please. You're making yourself look dumb.

he's referencing Ron Swanson, dude

You're welcome.

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Maybe there's an oral prescription you can get that will help with the acne. If it's cystic acne, there are a ton of non-topical products you can use that won't irritate your skin and can help to slow or halt the pimples.

I have cystic acne and have reactions to most topical solutions. If you have advice, I'll try anything. The only thing my doctor recommends its dove soap.

Acne inception?

The FML community will have to continue struggling without #9's highly valued input. This is a sad day.

You commented, meaning this is a paradox, and this thread doesn't actually exist

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I like to pretend nobody here exists and is instead an AI test of thousands of personalities.

"You don't like my face?! Well neither does it!"

Who in the hell would say YDI to something like this?

stress causes acne. lose the stress, no acne to react to.

Stress isn't the only thing that causes acne.

Can't exactly just "lose the stress" if the stressor is something like school or work... Sure, you can work to cope with it, but there's only so much that can be immediately done...

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A lot of the time I accidentally hit the wrong button on my phone and I can't change it. Maybe 750 people did the same lol

That is just a downward pimple spiral.. Sorry op, genetics win this time..

It's a bumpy road, to be sure...