By notworthit - 23/02/2010 00:53 - United States

Today, a guy I'd been seeing off and on for the past three years broke things off over a Facebook message. I replied, and told him that I was at least worth a phone call. He replied "Well, I'm sorry, I disagree." FML
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*you're *and *with a *it's *because *there's *shouldn't *nowadays *can't *you *wasn't *right You know, it really doesn't take much effort to type those properly. ^^

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Maybe ur just a bitch o_O lol


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Did u cheat or somthing?

no ho skank deserves a phonecall, a message is suiting your needs

Why do all the break up FMLs have someone being with a lover for 3 years?


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lol @79. :D

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lol so polite yet, so cold...he wins oh and I agree with 50 she is pretty cute

79 has it right

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@ #63...I was wondering the same thing. Maybe 3yrs is the 'getting restless' stage of a relationship. OP, this really sucks if you didn't do anything to deserve it. If you didn't, clearly your ex is a jerk and doesn't care even the tiniest amount about your feelings. If you did, then oh well, life sucks all over.

wow if you're not worth a phonecall, he's not worth a reply on facebook what a dick

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#63: there are common regular crisis in relationships. If you don't break up around 3 years, your relationship will last till 7 years. And then you'll get married. Either to your 7 year boyfriend, or break up and marry someone else after a month : P

103, that was... surprisingly insightful.

hahahaha that's fucking hilarious...props to that guy!

mine lasted six years. which category will i fall into do you think? :/ lol. how lame. but yes, i agree, that was very insightful.

LOL!!!!YDI!!!!!!!!DUH!!!!!! -kolly38

it would have been funnier if he called you to say "Well, I'm sorry, I disagree"

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What difference does it make?

well stop being bitchy on facebook. everybody gets ballsier and bitchier on facebook

The guy was the one being "bitchy." Sorry, OP. Sounds like a pretty childish guy. That's a really disrespectful thing to do.

well apparently SHE was the on who sent some sort of facebook message so I'm assuming it had to be pretty bitcht for him to dump her. and anyways I said PEOPLE become BALLSIER and BITCHIEr on facebook

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it's rly not that serious goin on about correcting spelling I mean come on

You forgot to capitalize the r. You also forget a period and a uppercase W in both of your comments.

You're misunderstanding the FML - OP meant that he broke up with her through a Facebook message not because of one she sent him

sorry but u got OWNED!!

rofl you're boyfriend sounds awesome. YTDI bitch.

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1) if ur on nd off witha guy it means its not going to work becasue theres just to many problems so you shouldnt have been with him anyways and 2) most guys now a days really have no balls and cant stand to call a girl or tell them in person hate to admit it but you deserve this 1 for putting up with a guy that u dated on and off for 3 years..should of known he wasnt going to treat you rite when he finally broke things off

*you're *and *with a *it's *because *there's *shouldn't *nowadays *can't *you *wasn't *right You know, it really doesn't take much effort to type those properly. ^^

Y'all forgot/missed that she didn't capitalize "if" since it's the 1st word in the sentence.

Darn. I wanted to do this whole editing business.

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Since when did this turn into grammer school on FML?? C'mon get real..... it's the freakin' Internet for fu*k sake... no one cares ONLY you people that have absolutely NO disregard for human error!

sindyy probably is snickerweirdo just to have someone who's like her. a boting know it all. go get some braces !!!

carrot top is undercover!!!!

Edenbeam 19

There's a difference between human error and laziness.

Melly, in my opinion the spelling and grammar used in a post is more important than the actual content. If what you type looks like shit, hardly anyone will read it. I'm not saying that everything you type has to be 100% correct, but blaming such a sloppy post on 'human error' is retarded.

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Ashle1gh..... but honestly I don't want to come off as a bitch because i am far from it but if someone writes "sloppy" as you say... it's the Internet... that's what I'm really trying to point out... Are we getting graded on our spelling/puncuation and so on and so forth???? That's all I'm trying to point out... if ppl wana abbr. like dis.... who cares let them... u don't want to read... THEN DONT. period The end

Well then if you don't like comments where people correct others, then don't read them. Works both ways, Melly.

Melly if people want to correct, then don't read. It's just the internet, why get so worked up? And it's sloppily in that context. ;)

snickerdoodles: Oh, I missed those. Thank you. :) imabadlittlegirl: No, not really. I just hate to see someone spell like that. Melly14398: Human error? Please. That was not human error, that was someone who wouldn't waste extra two seconds to type words properly. The person had a point, the spelling killed it. orangefanta: Wtf, do you make other accounts on here to agree with you so you assumed everyone does? o.O And "go get some braces"? Am I supposed to be offended now? :O

love it haha

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Maybe ur just a bitch o_O lol

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wat a dick

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really snickerdoodles douchsock well that's a new one

@#8. You want what?? I can help you with that!!

what the hell does "snickerdoodles douchsock" mean?

I think it's talking about #9, snickerdoodles, using the term "douchesock" and saying that's a new term. But, have punctuation in comments would probably help understand what others say...

Re: What you mean to say is I don't have the balls to break up with a girl outside of a social networking site. Do you really want a man whos man card is nonexistent? FYL for being broken up with, but even more so FHL for lacking a pair.

You should have burned his house down.

Im pretty sure that is illegal.

And HE isn't worth it. Maybe you should make a hate page about him on Facebook. THAT'S not illegal. Yet. or is it? ...

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rofl @ #9..a douchesock? never heard that 1 :P

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That's because snickerdoodles is legit ;)