By quasimodo - 22/02/2010 21:24 - United States

Today, we were drawing self-portraits in school. I'm horrible at art, so I turned to the person next to me and stated that mine looked really ugly. He replied saying, "No, it looks exactly like you." FML
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kylejandginap 0

did you ever think that maybe he was trying to be nice?


Pball11 0

I hope that was just for the sake of a good joke. Or maybe wear a bag over your head for a little.

that just means u drawn yourself good 0.o

yeah he did..op said it was ugly, then he said no it looks just likeyou, disagreeing that it was ugly...

hmmm, I think this one really depends on the tone of voice used for his response. If there was sarcasm then yes, thats f'd up, but if not then it was probably a compliment gone wrong.

Seriously what is with all of these whiny FMLs? "Today, somebody made a joke at my expense. FML" Just learn how to take a joke and in the future post these on MLIA.

seriously what is with all these whiny FMLs? "Today, somebody made a joke at my expense. FML" just learn how to take a joke and start posting these on MLIA.

toni27 0

yeahhhhh he gave u a compliment dumbass u said ur pic was ugly and he said NO it looks just like you. duhhhh

tiana_fml 0

yup he deft payed u a compliment

TempestJones 0

Agree with Deng and others... unless he used a really rude tone, sounds like he was trying (though awkwardly) to pay you and your artistic talent a compliment... FHL... "Today, I tried to tell this girl I think is really cute that I find her art awesome and her cute, but she took it as an insult and posted it on Now she wont talk to me." Now that's a FML.

Arc9 0

YDI for taking it seriously. People always joke around like that noob.

does anyone know why it is that whenever I post something there is a 50% chance it will be taken down?

cucuto89 0

Today, someone complimented my drawing. FML

nolasaints 0

I think he was trying to be nice

how is this a fml? really, it sounds more flirty than rude

M16a2 0

ouch, kneeing your face AND punching yourself in the private area? that's harsh.

Melkezidech 0

"That's right Li'l Johny, she's what we call a double bagger." Learn it, Like it, Love it, because it sounds like you are one.

ya he was sayin tht u drew goood cuz u drew wat u lookd liked thts happened ta me in art… he was payin u a compliment

peacefullly 0

people say good combacks to me all the time I just choose not to fml about it

@RustyGuns It's paid, not payed, dumbass. I'm really tired of this fucktardery and piss poor grammar. If you're going to call someone a bitch, type properly.

@roadwhore- that's wat most people should do

I think your monthly gift just payed a visit albino. =]

@102. Let me go grab you a tampon as I set you straight. While we are in the business of correctting people: "fucktardery" isn't a word,"dumbass". In reality the joke is on you. Also, people who comment on fml don't really give a shit about grammar beceause all they want is to state their opinion, in a speedily manner. Please quit being such a grammar Nazi as no one gives a tiny rat ****. Oh, and go get yourself a tampon. @OP I think he was complimenting your appearance, and your painting.

@#5. With a name like Quasimodo I doubt it!

Melly14398 0

To "albinomustang"...honestly who gives two flying Fu*cks if people don't spell correctly... why is this such an issue in EVERY fml???!! You might not realize but half of these people are under 17 and don't care how they write... seriously I know I'm not the only one that thinks it's insane to constantly correct someone.... get over yourselves.... the end

caits13 0

Yea, I'm going to say he gave you a compliment too. I bet he was trying to make you feel better about your drawing and didn't even think about the fact it could have been interpreted as calling you ugly.

iSitt 0

there's no way to answer that question. if he said no it's not you then you would have taken it as your skill sucks.

GeorgeBoosh 0

Today I asked a guy if my ass looked fat in my jeans, and he said "No, you look lovely". I didn't think he meant it so we are both in a bad mood

weavermycutecat 0

exactly! he may have been saying that it was really good!

blo0_starZz 0

idiot -.- if its a self-portrait & it looks exactly lyk u, its a compliment! ur prolly 2 desperate 2 post on FML th@ ir tryin 2 mayk it sound bad <.<

breenarae25 0

did u hear te in a few fmls ago, ALEX got a threesome ... but with another guy. lol

yourlifesfucked 0

op fails at comprehension. you said it was ugly, they said no (it is not ugly) it look just like you. therefore, they said you =/= ugly. duh. YDI for posting a MLINSBIJAI (my life is not so bad, I'm just an idiot.)

Is that an official acronym or did you just make it up? =P

yep it's not his fault that you're too stupid to see that he was complementing the picture and not calling you ugly

kylejandginap 0

did you ever think that maybe he was trying to be nice?

Yeah he us just bad at flirting. He was bring nice but you are too dense to notice, unless he said it while not smiling...

@moonfire- I thought it was sexual Susan..

Felendris 0

moonfire-- do u play WoW? cuz if u don't, moonfire is a spell. lol

bahahahahahahahahaha. you brought it on yourself(:

Holy shit, where is their broughtuptcy? I cannot believe people lack the basic social/common sense when it comes to interacting w/ people and making comments. FYL

QueenOfStars 0

don't worry. I bet they were jking. Anyone would say that.

Gumblebum100 0

I know people just try and act cool like that and it's really imachure (or however u spell it) and he probably didn't mean it

doesn't mean he was calling you ugly...