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By Anonymous - 19/02/2016 20:36 - United States - Denver

Today, I got a new skin cream for my acne. I tested it on a small patch of skin just to make sure I wasn't allergic. I was, and the reaction didn't stay on that small patch of skin. My left arm is now almost entirely covered in a horrible rash. FML
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At least he no longer has any burning questions.

Good call nonetheless, OP. I always just assume I wouldn't be allergic. Anyway, this reminds me. I've read of people learning, after years of religiously treating their acne, that the acne medication and creams were actually the cause of their acne.

If acne removal products actually worked they'd go out of business. Just wash your face with cold clean water each day and you'll be fine.

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Because you magically stop getting acne once that bottle is empty...

They don't go out of business BECAUSE they work. It doesn't magically cure it, you have to continuously use it. I've had terrible acne since I was young and unless I do my routine with skin care products, I have acne. The fact my family can tell if I'm using it or not should show it works.

well, at least it's in an area you can cover up easily.

That's just really sad. So either the cream is either a chemical laden potent toxic product or your skin is made out of tissue paper

Your username is a perfect response to your comment

OhWhoCares should apply some of that cream for that BURN!!!

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You almost had it random internet person. Almost. Work harder for it!

7, I've heard that so many times now and I'm probably going to continue to hear it each time I post. thanks for trying though some day you'll be memorable..

That sucks, OP :/ at least you tested it first and the rash isn't on your face! Throw that shit away and go see a doctor to try to find out what you're allergic to.

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Nooo show them the rash and get a refund!

If it is an off-the-shelf brand, they won't care about the rash and would refund without seeing it. If it was given by a doctor, the doctor would want to see the rash so they can add the response to the OP's medical file, but you can't get refunds for prescription medications.

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Smart move. I'm no doctor, but if putting it on a small patch of skin caused such a bad reaction it seems possible that using a lot more could have induced a much more severe, possibly life-threatening anaphylactic response.

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Then OP's leg would be covered in a rash. Not seeing how that's better.

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Yea, then scratching it would be even more awkward and he'd have to sit on it. Imagine if it spread up!

Sorry Op. I hope it didn't lead to any dangerous life threatening problems. What I usually for skin care products now is to read the reviews etc and then read thei gradients: first four. Check if there has been any clinical studies on them. It makes a huge difference in regards to the effectiveness, precautions you need to be aware of etc.

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I had that happen once with a different kind of product. Turned out it had been absorbed through my skin and traveled through my blood stream.

Sorry to hear that :- I hope you get better soon.