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Today, I woke up to find that not only did the toothpaste I put on my pimple make it more noticable, but it made it worse. FML
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KatrinaKitten 16

Supposedly toothpaste dries it up, but it contains some chemicals that can irritate your skin.

myleshoops 0

Worse=more noticeable, am I right?


why would you put toothpaste on a pimple?

It works, but it depends on which toothpaste one uses.

pansewawesnap 0

Because it is supposed to help

gamegeek42 6

people say if you pit toothpaste on a pimple that it makes it go away faster and less noticeable.

it's supposed to help but that's still gross.

Imrussian24 2

it decreases inflammation and dries it out. but it only works if u use paste instead of gel, and a certain kind of paste too. I like to use the stuff with baking soda in it.

It does work but you should only leave it on for about 15 minutes and at night so if it's red you could put concealer on.

This reminds me of the FML where the OP was a dude's girlfriend, and was making out with him and accidentally poped a pimple on the inside of his mouth. Hey OP, you got a girlfriend?

hook_em 0

the pimple had stinky breath and she was trying to tell it to brush it's teeth come on people catch up with us here

Are you the same person chosen to be only the 'before' model for Proactiv, OP?

#74, I think that FML was deleted, right?

Why does he deserve it? lol. I don't understand, it's a very common thing some people do, it drys out the area ad kills bacteria, just like any acne medication which utilizes salytic acid.

Don't be so hard on yourself OP. Nobody expects a New Jersey girl to be attractive.

BigHoshJosh 0

man, you learn something knew everyday!

BigHoshJosh 0

da ****?!? I had a brain fart guys my bad. thumb me down if you want. I meant to say new

adropofpeace 8

windex.... havnt you all heard?? WD40. works everytime.

138, Nice Greek Wedding allusion...

yummycupkake 0

109, I'm from new jersey and I don't tan, I'm not an orange oompaloompa, I don't have an accent or a "Jersey Accent" and I dont GTL(: dont believe all the stereotypes you hear about us ;)

Everytime I read Hookem's comments, I have to put it in that gay voice of the dude in his profile picture from Family Guy.

v1kt4r 13

for some reason i kept reading pimple as nipple, i was so confused... in more ways than one

I read everything you said in a Jersey accent.

yeah it gave me a red patch on my face

Because the alcohol in it helps dry them out. :)

Why cant you people just use face wash? Seeing as it was specifically made for pimples.

ohjessica 11

So many people have been telling me to try this, I'm glad I read this post.

ienjoithinqs 0

it's not every toothpaste it depends which one you use. just look up which toothpaste actually works. its not like every toothpaste dies the same exact same thing -_--

ienjoithinqs 0

idk search it up. it's probably depends on what kind of toothpaste you use

miamiheatfan56 0

your only suppose to leave it on for 10-15 mins. Leaving it on all night, like op, makes it go the zit or whatever reduce, but then it leaves a huge dark spot where the toothpaste was.

good to know! I never knew you could use toothpaste on pimples... thought it was only good for minor burns... oh an teeth cleaning obviously haha. might try it for this weekends party. I love summer :). unlucky OP. always do your research!

miamiheatfan56 0

I just noticed how poorly worded that was. I meant to say, makes the zit or "whatever" reduce.

uhm 114 it actually doesn't leave a huge dark spot... I've left it on all night and so have my friends and we have all seen good results. and none of us have the sane skin type.

iilopez 0

for minor burns put mustard on it trust me it works I should have the biggest scar of my life on my forearm thanks to mustard there is no scar

miamiheatfan56 0

My friends left it on all night (spent the night), and they all had dark spots. I guess you can only leave it on all night with certain toothpastes. I leave mine on for 15 mins and it turns out fine.

CantusVulpis 12

It really depends on how sensitive your skin is.

JustinThunder 8

That sounds very stupid. Why would you ever do that?

Wouldn't more noticeable and worse kinda be the same thing with a pimple?

9 is right, I've heard it's supposed to absorb the oil and that helps dry it out.

ok I'm just wondering why is everyone getting upset at the people who say "why did you do that", when obviously he or she should have asked a doctor to see if that works, and if he or she did, then I stand corrected

0opsie 6

#59 - That's what I was thinking. It's such a weird way to word it. Like this: So not only was the toothpaste treatment ineffective, but it also didn't work?

frozenshake 5

yup, it is idiotically worded -____- and the toothpaste method does work you leave it on overnight and your pimple shall shrink :D but if you do it during the day, if you don't keep it on long enough, it can look worse. and you have to use the right toothpaste -.- or try an aspirin mask with honey-- once a month only though :3 k, I'm done

you have to use the right kind to dry it out but you also run the risk of it staining the pimple from it absorbing the toothpaste. So while simple cheap white toothpaste is vest, it can also leave a false white head.

KatrinaKitten 16

Supposedly toothpaste dries it up, but it contains some chemicals that can irritate your skin.

That's true. I used to break out a lot around my mouth, and my dermatologist told me that I should always use face wash after brushing my teeth, because toothpaste actually causes most people to break out.

why not just use some pimple cream instead :)

Why the f*ck would you put toothpaste on a pimple???

No, you're completly wrong. I hope you were as sarcastic as I was...

not sure how this happened... this was supposed to go under #8...

iEatGuppies 0

it's told to get rid of zits but it's a bunch of bull. it doesn't really work all the time.

22, You're right, it doesn't work that's why I posted my comment

It was a sarcastic/rhetorical question (Just in case all of you didn't get it)

iEatGuppies 0

no need to be an asshole. calm your ****.

It works with me, but I guess not everyone has the type of skin for it. You should stick to products that work for you.

Or probably the different brands of toothpaste. Some brands are mintier than others and that may have an effect on it or something.

myleshoops 0

Worse=more noticeable, am I right?

Oh my god, are you going to survive??

yea.. toothpaste not the best thing

YDI just get some abreva shut or something, don't do dat ghetto shit

KatrinaKitten 16

Ha, you're calling the OP ghetto when you fail to spell shit or that correctly!?

Lexiloulynn 2

Abreva is for cold sores, not zits/pimples. Think before you post!

You call OP ghetto and you spell that "dat"? Really?