By thedeerman - / Saturday 17 September 2011 04:39 / United States
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By  marinaim  |  17

Man up !

  yamatelle  |  19

Oh yeah. That time of the month when women turn into Potential Murder Suspects. I would be afraid, too.
As for me, get me a box of chocolate, a big ass bag of Twizzlers, and some Midol and I promise, you will not feel my pissy-mood syndrome. :)


Woman who live together usually have their periods around the same time. Get them to exercise a little. Take them out for a nice walk in the afternoon. Exercise usually relieves PMS. It'll be good for your health and sanity. :)

  Slhruman  |  4

My wife, my sister, and my wife's sister, and I all live in one house. They are synced and the bitching is in stereo when it comes. My sister-in-law has a funny little saying at the start. She will tell me 'Man the parapets.' That is when I hide.

  Daralea  |  21

Hmm, unless they have a chronic cold or don't ever sweat they should sync up over a few months. Unless you have multiple dominant females living with you. XD Then you are truly screwed.

  joa76  |  3

Even if the syncing up thing is true (and I've seen several studies indicating it isn't), a lot of women are on birth control, which would pretty much completely eliminate the possibility.

  cynimoxus  |  0

Lemme ask you this: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!? Suicide is never the option, I've seen what it does to families and it rips them apart as they weep and wonder why. Suiside solves a temporary problem with a perminant solution.

  XxD3MONxX  |  3

dont worry: they sync up after a while. the shit is amazing they're like wifi routers. idfk why it is that women's vaginas communicate like that but it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

  Iheartfunny  |  1

125 I know right They suck. And 124 normaly I would have been a little angry but I was to busy trying to figure out if your pic was a really ugly girl or a really fat girly man.

  joa76  |  3

It isn't? Because my boyfriend's dad killed himself and he and his family make jokes about it all the time. I can't even begin to count how many times I've heard them say he's "just hanging around."

Just because you're not comfortable with suicide jokes does not mean that everyone who knows someone who's committed suicide feels the same way.

  livewire1701  |  8

The women who think that they don't pms or aren't any different on their periods are usually the bitchiest. Every woman is at best cranky at worst a downright nightmare. I have some friends I don't even want to be around when they're on their periods they're so bad.

  DjeePee  |  24

Heeey, don't generalize! I am actually on my nicest when I'm on my period. Its the time when my boyfriend gets more massages, back scrabbing and blowjobs than usual, all in exchange for just some compliments.

  mgsoloist  |  14

Yeah I'm usually nicest on mine too cuz I'm really happy that I don't have to deal with it for another month or two. It's the week before that I'm really bitchy cuz I know it's coming.

  E_ve  |  9

Sorry for the French but I call Bullshit. I know I turn into an insecure, blubbering, bloated, emotional and PISSY piece of shit during my period. And I own it.

  xNephilim  |  18

There's a difference between being uncomfortable, in pain, and whiny and being a complete bitch who yells at people 24/7. I'm mildly cranky and majorly in pain when I'm on my period but I don't use it as an excuse to yell bloody murder whenever something doesn't go the way I want it to. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  Cinn_fml  |  22

Yeah, given time they probs will. Suppose it depends on age and stuff, but it's perfectly possible that they will sync somewhat in time.
For now though, OP, keep a low profile and pray that they try not to be bitches whilst PMSing.

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