By thedeerman - 17/09/2011 04:39 - United States

Today, I found out my wife and three daughters all have their period on seperate weeks. I now have no break from yelling. FML
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This is how you keep your pimp hand strong.

ban_anaa 0

Sounds like pms hell.


Man up !

I assume you are on your period.

This is actually so unusual! For some freaky reason, most girls in the same household sync together... It's bizarre! So yeah, fyl.

yamatelle 19

Oh yeah. That time of the month when women turn into Potential Murder Suspects. I would be afraid, too. As for me, get me a box of chocolate, a big ass bag of Twizzlers, and some Midol and I promise, you will not feel my pissy-mood syndrome. :)

fthislyfe 22

8: VERY TRUE! I and my 4 roommates all had our period at the same time! It's also true about me and my mom. It's really weird!

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

Woman who live together usually have their periods around the same time. Get them to exercise a little. Take them out for a nice walk in the afternoon. Exercise usually relieves PMS. It'll be good for your health and sanity. :)

Slhruman 4

My wife, my sister, and my wife's sister, and I all live in one house. They are synced and the bitching is in stereo when it comes. My sister-in-law has a funny little saying at the start. She will tell me 'Man the parapets.' That is when I hide.

Totally true about getting them at the same time. Its proven so yeah, FYL that they don't follow mother nature . Feel sorry for you man!

fakeaccountX 6

The best advice I can give you is to hide all the sharp objects.

Texas696 0


I am genuinly surprised at how many thumbs down this comment got so quicly

Hmm, unless they have a chronic cold or don't ever sweat they should sync up over a few months. Unless you have multiple dominant females living with you. XD Then you are truly screwed.

joa76 3

Even if the syncing up thing is true (and I've seen several studies indicating it isn't), a lot of women are on birth control, which would pretty much completely eliminate the possibility.

vibeplayer1112 0

Marinaim. Your about me contradicts itself. In the beginning it says you bite hard. At the end you say you don't bite hard.

@#1 man up? You kidden me?! Its gonna be a blood bath! You sir, are encountering every man's worst nightmare, and have my condolences, the deepest of course.

ban_anaa 0

Sounds like pms hell.

lakaiskate 12

An ocean of oestrogen

Well OP there are some situations wear suicide is the only option.

crazychick1269 7

no suicide is never the option!!!

missyj0 12

I think he was being sarcastic #69.

Well its either that or murder. and have you every tried to dispose of 4 bodies all at once. Yeah thats what I thought

If the OP chooses murder, he should call Casey Anthony!

HowAreYouToday 34

I have! I dumped them all in a river... Someone found the bodies in the pacific ocean some time later, but by that time, I was already safe inside my tardis...

HowAreYouToday 34

Oh, no! *quickly changes location* Heh heh let's see the Doctor find me now!

Lemme ask you this: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!? Suicide is never the option, I've seen what it does to families and it rips them apart as they weep and wonder why. Suiside solves a temporary problem with a perminant solution.

173- they were obviously joking.........

HowAreYouToday 34

Srsly? Don't take people too seriously


dont worry: they sync up after a while. the shit is amazing they're like wifi routers. idfk why it is that women's vaginas communicate like that but it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

This is how you keep your pimp hand strong.

minidinosaurgoes 9

Thank you, Ray.

painkiller3666 4

Your Tits are hot!

wildhorseman 32

Holy crap, best comment ever!

#3 You forever have my respect as another man. I would follow you into the depths of pimp hell with my back hand any time.

Killerturtle 11

Are you my dad?

enonymous 8

Who's your daddy and what does he do?

Killerturtle 11

Am I supposed to answer that? You sound like a rapist.

enonymous 8

I only sound like a rapist!?! I'm insulted. It's an Arnold quote from Kindergarten Cop

bertoelmexicano 6

Great movie

drawmesunshine 17

It's not a tumor!

#50... your profile pic... WTF!?!?

KennKenn 0

50- I don't know if I should be turned on, or disgusted by your profile pic. Never had this problem before.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Shut up you guys, 50's pic is FUCKIN AWESOME.

I'd like to speak to the drug dealer of the house please.

whats weird is I read it in that accent..

Lol, I thought the same thing.

torrentuser 1

12 is a dumb broad

enonymous 8

It's ok tequila helps ease the pain

Bbhd05 0

Why doesnt your comment have 1k likes?

5-You're right but sometimes there are situations wear suicide is the only option.

JustJoJo124 5

Not cool 68

It's a freaking joke. Really, get a sense of humor.

JustJoJo124 5

Sorry I don't have a sense of humor about people committing suicide seeing as that's personal to me.

It's a joke that people kill themselves because of their situation? Please tell me that you will never reproduce. PS. It's 'where' not 'wear'.

Damn Grammar Nazis..

125 I know right They suck. And 124 normaly I would have been a little angry but I was to busy trying to figure out if your pic was a really ugly girl or a really fat girly man.

Ok 124 Im sorry That was mean. Sorry if any feelings were hurt. NOW STOP BITCHING GOD!!! people are so sensitive sometimes.

hawaiianfire 0

Stop being so emo 121

ReynshineCutting 10

Its not "being emo" when you or someone you know has tried/done it or wanted to. It isn't funny to those of us like that.

Aww they removed my comments :(

joa76 3

It isn't? Because my boyfriend's dad killed himself and he and his family make jokes about it all the time. I can't even begin to count how many times I've heard them say he's "just hanging around." Just because you're not comfortable with suicide jokes does not mean that everyone who knows someone who's committed suicide feels the same way.

Ropes aren't just used for tying stuff ya know

7 yeah they are also use for choking your wife and three daughters.... oh you meant suicide..... well now I look like a murderer..... ;)

Revolvers have 6 chambers. You have 4 problems. That equals 2 much fun.

leadman1989 15

Gun math FTW!


129 you're right If they had taught math like that when I was younger I probably wouldnt be as stupid.

134, my mum always told me knowledge is powder.

I don't know if I should believe you...your name IS mr.sarcasm after all

sweetbabysweet93 10

I kinda feel bad for you but were not different when we have our period

Really?! some women get really agitated and annoyed very easily

The women who think that they don't pms or aren't any different on their periods are usually the bitchiest. Every woman is at best cranky at worst a downright nightmare. I have some friends I don't even want to be around when they're on their periods they're so bad.

Heeey, don't generalize! I am actually on my nicest when I'm on my period. Its the time when my boyfriend gets more massages, back scrabbing and ******** than usual, all in exchange for just some compliments.

mgsoloist 14

Yeah I'm usually nicest on mine too cuz I'm really happy that I don't have to deal with it for another month or two. It's the week before that I'm really bitchy cuz I know it's coming.

#25, whats back scrabbing? Sounds like you scratch his back scabs!

Sorry for the French but I call Bullshit. I know I turn into an insecure, blubbering, bloated, emotional and PISSY piece of shit during my period. And I own it.

My fiancée dosent change much on her period, except maybe get a little depressed, but no wild mood swings or psychotic tendencies...

63 so my 14 year old friends are just whiny bitchy ******? Kinda harsh.

14 -year-old girls act like they have PMS all the time. So... (But I must admit that your period is more painful when you're younger)

Alex94xela 0

Wow some girls are nice on their period? WOW gotta find me one of those.

smump 0

Are you retarded?

jowho 0

Me toi

americuzz 8

I'm a Hormonal Bitch when I'm on my period! I don't know how my bf puts up with me. I wool have broken up with myself if I could -.-"

hawaiianfire 0

Good to know...

Millman_fml 9

I wish my gf was that way! xD lol

If you're not different when you pms then please marry me. -_-

ahahaha that's Bullshiit xD

ZielZone 4

Bullshit... You're bloated, irritable, bitchy, the cramps are painful, and you whine and complain constantly about it.

sweetbabysweet93 10

Actually I don't and I'm not

sweetbabysweet93 10


There's a difference between being uncomfortable, in pain, and whiny and being a complete bitch who yells at people 24/7. I'm mildly cranky and majorly in pain when I'm on my period but I don't use it as an excuse to yell bloody murder whenever something doesn't go the way I want it to. BIG DIFFERENCE.

vb68_fml 28

Then why do you feel bad for him?

MsMeiriona 2

Huh. Normally women who live together have their cycles sync up. Not perfectly, but within about a two week range.

Very true. Mine is usually a week after my sister's

Yeah, given time they probs will. Suppose it depends on age and stuff, but it's perfectly possible that they will sync somewhat in time. For now though, OP, keep a low profile and pray that they try not to be bitches whilst PMSing.

Not if they're in birth control!

They might be syncing with their high school friends who they see for hours every day.

Sabraynay 10

Just wait til one of 'em asks you to buy her tampons. Then find out you got her the wrong kind. Shit's really gonna go down.

35 dude what the hell 16 you sound like you have alot of experience.

Lots of midol and ibuprofen!