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Today, my mother, my aunt, and my two sisters are all on their periods. I can't even brush my teeth in my own house without being treated like a criminal. FML
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Oh, bloody hell.

pms is real.. you just obviously don't get it.


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I'm on my man period right now..

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why the f are all my comments getting moderated??

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OP, smack the first one to assert your dominance, then the rest will follow.

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ti! ♫

67- Good idea! :)

pooper19 3

I didn't post that gay shit

Totally ruined it.

No, you're right! You posted other gay shit on thread 1 despite it having no relation to the other comments! Please read the commenting rules again, my main man :-)

KiddNYC1O 20

haha, Sirin wins.

pooper19 3

hard to compete with FML staff


pooper19 3


I thought it was mi, not me... is it different in other places?

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hehe you guys are funny

daltreix 3

lol but my post was related D: i said: "triple menstrual rage! combo 3x!" lolz :P

daltreix 3

or wait my bad, quadrupal menstrual rage! XP and since you'll make me sing if i dont comment related: OP you're in quite a bloody situation there :P... wait a minute..

my comment wasn't offensive and was related to the topic. So why was it moderated? not fair

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MATT DAMON!!!! i mean -do!

Hey! It's Jackie Chan!!!

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If it bleeds, we can kill it.

that's alot of blood! and alot of bin changes

sucks to be you.

aaaannnnnddddd do

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Ahahahaha!! xDD

Ah crap, I wish I was here earlier, I could have said egon instead of mi. (you know, ghostbusters reference?)

The house that smells like rotting shrimp

HAHAHA ^win.

123 it is always mi! me is e flat, not e :)

nice, leonard cohen :)

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huh? I don't remember posting anything in this comment thread :|

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your pic rocks. lol

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There is a such thing as PMS, but it usually occurs a week before a woman gets their period.

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um yeah there is. I'm a girl too, and whenever I get my period I get major mood swings and horrible stomach cramps. no exaggeration. sometimes a headache, too. one time, my mood was so bad, I cried for absolutely no reason (like literally bawling) and then 10 minutes later I was cracking up. don't say that there's no such thing as pms.

KiddNYC1O 20

14- I can tell by your comment you're not even 18. lol

are you retarded?! you obviously havnt hit puberty if you think there's no such thing as pms.

PMS is very real but girls use this as an excuse to be bitchy most of the time. it actually doesn't occur during the actual cycle. Why do you think its called PREmenstrual syndrome? You get most of your mood swings before the actual cycle begins. Sometimes it can continue a few days into the menstrual cycle but normally stops. I think most women get so irritated DURING their period merely because they're in pain, no one likes to be messed with when they're in pain. I also think placebo can have a lot to do with it too since most women today think PMS happens DURING the cycle instead of afterwards, causing the placebo to immitate irritability. But, the placebo thing is merely my own theory. I learned most of this in my psychology course over the past few years, and also from personal experience.

pooper19 3

thanks, we really wanted to know

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PMS is real.


umm.. yeah there is.. I am a girl, and yes. I get PMS sometimes it gets so bad and I have to have medication.

pooper19 3

a real pain in our ass

omg I looooove your pic. made me lol

pooper19 3

what's so funny I'm just riding. Tryin to avoid haters

What's pedobear doing in your cupboard?

pooper19 3

get your red wings boy

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All girls that commented hatefully on this thread are on their period

pooper19 3


terranada 3

shhh dnt tell them tht!! o:

That's a hilarious picture, pooper! :D

PMS is the hormonal shift prior to menstruation, you can say it doesn't exist its basic biology. If you literally experience NO difference in mood it's you there is something wrong with not the rest of us. As for two weeks+ before that's ovulation stress/pain and isn't PMS. I'm normally like sarcastic etc all month (apparently when women are sarcastic it's being bitchy) and I wont cry at all unless its hormonal. When I am hormonal however I'm something akin to demonic so... it's real, plus that whole medically proven thing lol.

im a guy and i have pms

it's a medical condition... some people go unbearably ill... like extreme pms... so I doubt ppl wud go crazy like that for no reason if they had control over it.

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29- I wasn't talking about my age, I was making a point.

r9310 0

hahahah retard xD

And women wonder why I'm a misogynist, hormonal nuisances

are you also eating at the weirdo table O_O

did you know your retarded? like fuck :D pms is real dumbass xD and I'm a girl saying this :D

way to open Pandora's box, idiot.

itsgen 16

hunny it's PRE menstrual symptoms as in BEFORE the cycle starts.

Or maybe you're just bipolar and people don't want to tell you. (just kidding mkay)

Troll got fed. lulz u eaten!

not always. I personally am fine BEFORE and then pissy during. cuz 24/7 It feels like I peed my pants.

just cuz u dont get pms dosent mean it dosent exist some ppl dont get pms

do you think it is just made up... hahaha wtf you are obviously a girl who hasn't started her period

flighted 1

for real PMS is real. lucky for me all I usually encounter is the odd effect of my body getting curvier and I usually cry at the drop of a pin the week before and the week of. I get super sensitive...I'll even feel depressed just watching tv and start bawling for seemingly no reason......THATS how I know mother nature is about to give me her gift lol

your fucking stupid bitch

Yeah a Guy In Real Life (G.I.R.L.)

smartalek 2

Ayame- you do weigh a ton(; but ik what you mean. you just wanna kill everybodyy

Lol xD win!!!!!!

Hah ur probly just a dude

It's real. I'm a girl. And it's hell. You're just an idiot

you must be stupid or you didn't pay any attention to health class or high school biology. if you're not even in high school, forget it lol.

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oNisao 21

Well there is a lot of emotions when it happens, but being cranky and upsetting other people just a choice you make. + I think that women today just use their period just to be a bitch.

I think bleeding for a week straight is the best excuse for being a bitch you can get. Have you ever seen a guy cut himself and not be a prick about it?

I have two older sisters. PMS is most definitely real.

Every girls period is different. You must be one of the lucky ones who doesn't get PMS. But that gives you no right to assume anything about anyone else. It is definitely a thing. Are you going to say balls aren't real because you don't have them too?

pms is real.. you just obviously don't get it.

StarzandLaughing 0

haha tell me about it.

ofc its real!!!

Actually PMS occurs 1-2 weeks before the actual period this the PRE- menstrual cycle. During the cycle itself girls are just dying of pain and have hormones going crazy, which is why we act like bitches 99% of the time

hahachun 4

at #2 there is no such thing as a vagina either

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good one

xD kick ass

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Then what the fuck did I do?!?

flighted 1

LOL I'm so sorry OP. thank god I don't have major pms

5th! get out dude

Fortuitous 0

Oh, bloody hell.

Ahaha, nice.

cycle of love :)

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jdawg2010 0

Literally..bloody hell. you're punny.

Ron: Period! Hermione: I thought your catchphrase was bloody hell? Ron: Same thing. Smosh anyone? (;

at #2 you should just hide. LOL

dude...learn to hide your tits. you're probably like 12. WAY too much cleavage

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suck mi dick ~<==3

They're all in sync? What the fuck..

damn must have watched sex in the city too much they should put that warning on the box

princessbeee 4

my whole lunch table is in sync.. when you spend A LOT of time with another girl, your hormones can pick up on each other, and your cycles can match, according to seventeen magazine.

Women's hormones get sync when they live together for long enough... biology 101...

purplemnm 9

Dane Cook said that, too.

Because Dane Cook knows what he's talking about -_-

&gt;Dane Cook I'll pretend I didn't read that.

Uh. Duh. Like when you live with your mom and a sister, you tend to all get on sync. If your not too close to the person (personally not physically) then it can not happen.

Your cycle can change when you're around guys too.. It's weird! lol

rofflewaffle 9

My roommate's now ex-girlfriend lived with us for a little while, and she and I synced up. It has something to do with our pheromones and is actually pretty common and well-documented.

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

My mom, my sisters, and my cycle are all the same.

All the girls on my swim team are synced lol

leave and don't come back for a week