By unappreciated husband - 28/03/2014 21:43 - United States - Pullman

Today, my wife got her period. Every single time, she ends up asking me to go buy her some Midol after a few days of trying to tough it out, so I decided to buy her some ahead of time. She reacted by yelling at me for treating her like a child and implying that she couldn't go buy it herself. FML
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HJKM_fml 19

Next time just buy it and don't show it to her. Then, when she asks for it, just give it to her.

I feel like some girls use periods to justify just being bitchy


Next time get some chocolate instead. :-)

jman26 11

Or better yet, chocolate covered strawberries. My fiancée LOVES them

She's on her period... So I wouldn't take it so hard

cryssycakesx3 22

or get her something you know she likes, and not something some random girl on the internet likes. I don't think it'd go over well.

Next month she will break down in tears and give you a hug and kiss because you know her so well haha. Don't take it to heart mate it happens to us all.

JMichael 25

I say give her about a week, she'll calm down.

If I were the Op, I would have looked right into her eyes, muttered "Is a damn thank you too much to ask?" and walked away.

#85 well dear, please don't try to drag other men into reacting the same way you would in such situation. You have nothing to lose. You are already dead. YEAAAAAHHH

HJKM_fml 19

Next time just buy it and don't show it to her. Then, when she asks for it, just give it to her.

That might be better. When she finally admitted she wants it.

No, In 3 days when she's whining for it remind her that she's a big girl who can go get her own. Then immediately book a hotel room and run for your life...

Kn0wledge123 21

Again with the female dogs with mental problems.

Steve95401 49

No good deed goes unpunished.

lexiieeex3 32

This is the most perfect comment ever.

I feel like some girls use periods to justify just being bitchy

100% I agree. When I'm on my period, I don't feel any mood swings/hormonal shit whatsoever. I mean I understand getting cramps puts the person in pain but that doesn't give you the excuse to be a bitch.

Agreed. I tend to be a bit more depressed around that time but there's still boundaries and limits. I'm not behaving like that and I don't know anyone who does... We're not 2 year olds. OP instead of midol, sign her up for a class on self-control.

I agree. If being on your period is the reason you act like a bitch then I know a couple chicks who are on the rag 24/7/365.

Well I get a bit cranky around my period sometimes, it's different sometimes I'm emotional, other times I'm depressed, and few times I'm just a bitch! But usually it has to do with certain triggers around me, like if someone says /does anything that doesn't sound right I snap! And I hate myself for that but it just happens.

I'm a naturally empathetic and emotional person, so my period just makes me even more sensitive to things. I'm never a bitch, but I can get upset more easily over stupid things.

You are just lucky #13. But you can't claim 100s of girls are lying because you don't feel a thing.

Oh gosh this old argument again. "I have somewhat mild periods, so I don't understand how other women can be so affected by them" substantiated by that bs study a few years ago which claimed pms is a myth. Bitches please. Try ovarian cysts. Or waking up in the middle of the night to vomit. From pain. At age 9. Or having an irony defiance.. From heavy bleeding. Passing out during classes. While you experience that on a monthly basis, I invite you to maintain a happy go-lucky attitude.

#6- Um... I noticed you didn't use a ... um... period. Did that sound bitchy?

Like #60 said, try having PCOS. As much as I try, my period will inevitably turn me into a ******* monster (I try avoiding people when that happens, but I can't help myself sometimes) because I feel like someone smuggled a knife inside my uterus and is cutting my insides slowly. And this is still much better than how I felt before I started taking birth control pills! When you're in pain, tired, nauseated, with your emotions going crazy and people telling you that your period is no big deal, it's obvious you'll be an asshole.

I said some girls, okay? Which I fully believe some girls do. I am not talking about those females with health problems pertaining to their periods. Sometimes I'm in pain during mine but I don't validate treating others badly because of it. Which, as I said before and I'll say again, I believe some girls do. So, you have your opinions and I'll have mine.

frizz101 22

Every girl is different. My temper is quicker to rise when I'm on my period, but I know plenty of girls who get depressed.

Just because you're pretty much fine and dandy during your period doesn't mean other girls don't struggle. I have a very slow temper normally and am never moody but during my 12 day heavy painful periods I get a little irritable. but it isn't because they're long or painful. I just find myself thinking very irrational things. I get very frustrated very easily. I constantly find myself getting very angry at my boyfriend for no reason and while I almost always tell him I'm struggling (and that it isnt his fault) before saying something id regret rather than take it out on him, I understand if some woman can't help but have a bitch moment. hell, I broke down crying and threw a bar of soap through a window one time after it gave me a small rash.

I suffer with mental health issues and PCOS as well as other pain issues. I still try to not be a bitch regardless of which time of the month it is. Not always easy, but you have to try! Your wife either sounds like she's a bitch anyway, or she needs her symptoms checking out. If it's really uncontrollable there's things they can give to help.

I've read about how some studies suggest that PMS (mood swings, not physical things like cramps) is not nearly as common as everyone makes it out to be. I believe it was something like only 5% of women actually have such symptoms. Women often use it as an excuse or think they have it, but when they actually keep journals for studies, they don't have any mood swings (though they will clearly recall having them... In their minds at least.) Plus, like no one had "PMS" something like 60 years ago until it suddenly became a "real" medical condition and it was marketed and all that. In other countries, there is no such thing as PMS! I'm not saying no woman has it, because clearly some do. Supposedly I have PMDD, though I don't know about that because I have other mental/physical things going on that coincide with it. Who knows? I just try not to be irrational and ALWAYS apologize if I act unacceptably for some reason.

I am interested in that side of it. A lot of woman use the term but get those symptoms during menstruation, not before. And for me at least I know that's the pain as much as anything. I do sometimes get symptoms, but it's more common in people with other conditions. 10-15% or more of women probably have PCOS for instance, it's simply that it's a large scale from no symptoms to very severe, even daily disablement at the extreme end, so a lot are never diagnosed or only by chance. But, women are pretty much told they'll probably get PMS, it's everywhere in popular culture and daily life, so I think people expect it and blame any moods at that time on period timing, when a angry or weepy day a week earlier wouldn't be given the association. Or, be allowed to be a bitch and blame it on something and it get automatic forgiveness. I also saw a study a while ago that showed men's hormones change over a month or so too, so it's possible that hormonal fluctuations are a human phenomenon, not a female one.

#87 - ADHD wasn't "real" 60 years ago either.

sounds to me like a lot of girls become hypochondriacs when they know their period is coming. But, I go to school from 7:30 to 2:20 and then go to work from 3 to 8 and when I get home I'm tired, angry, and hungry plus I don't always sleep very well but does that mean I can just be a dick to everyone? no. same with when I'm sick or anything else. some people just have to learn how to be respectful in frustrating situations. If my future wife does this to me she can bet her sweet **** that Imma go off on her and make sure she knows that she's being disrespectful and will end the argument there.

HOLY SHIT a whole long-ass thread of girls just talking about their periods!! Did I accidentally step into the women's washroom or something??

No, my friend, you are on FML. Women's periods are a staple of the content.

#6 Bingo. But then again... My former Shift Leader used to treat customers HORRIBLY when she was on "a happy day" D:

she needs to be happy to get a caring husband;)

There was a girl at my old school who would literally smack the shit out of other girls for "looking at her funny" then blame it on her period. This was a weekly occurrence.. So moral of the story is at least your wife isn't as crazy.

kingdomgirl94 29

"let's see... you were on your period this week... and the week before.... and the week before.... and the week before THAT... oh yes. I see. It seems to me that you do not suffer from PMS but rather PBS... permanent bitch syndrome. There is no cure. I'm sorry."

She should at least be thankful that you decided to go get her some.

A child who always asks for something then throws a temper tantrum when they get it before they ask. You married a princess, I'm sorry.