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By  LunarSpiral  |  17

I know its a blessing not having your period but when i didn't get mine for like 4 months i told the drs, throughout that time i was gaining weight like crazy. It took my doctor's 18 months to actually do something about it and, once they gave me the medicine i regretted saying telling them anything the pain and agony was terrible. Till this day when i go on my period it looks like I'm having a miscarriage. I really hope your experience isn't as bad as mine.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

SaucierGirl may actually be right in what she is saying because from what I'm seeing what this FML is saying is the exact purpose of a medicine called Provera. Endometrial hyperplasia is an excessive thickening of the endometrial lining which is usually shed during menstruation. If she hasn't been menstruating it is perfectly reasonable to think that the lining that should have shed is still there. Provera is used to make the body shed the lining it had previously failed to shed.


Oh, I wasn't commenting on the medicine, and it makes sense that their doctor would prescribe it to convince the uterus to "start fresh" and reboot the menstrual cycle. It just wouldn't be 60 "missed" periods worth of blood. Having so much blood stored in the uterus is simply not possible, which is exactly why it needs to be shed so frequently.

The blood built up between period 1 in 2013 and the period 2 would have been shed during period 2. The same goes for the blood from period 2 being shed during period 3 etc. It doesn't matter how much time has passed between periods, it will always be shed during the next menstruation. Each period may be a lot more blood than the average person because it has had a longer time to build up, but again, each time it was shed (even just the 3-4 times total) as much would be expelled as possible. It could just be the case that for OP it took that long for the uterine lining to build up enough to be shed.

There are numerous causes of missed periods, but they all generally fall under the umbrella of infertility. Essentially, if you're not having you're period you're not able to make babies, but is also an indicator of other potential health problems as well which is why it is always important to talk to your doctor if your period is irregular or missing.

  SaucierGirl  |  20

My periods have always been extremely light, and only three days at the most. I got away with panty liners on those, so I don’t think all of it was released.

By  kmorse  |  14

I have PCOS and I'm never regular. I need birth control or I won't get my period so my lining just keeps thickening which puts me at a higher risk of cervical cancer. I hadn't had a period in 2 years so they gave me (presumably) the same thing and I had it for over 6 weeks. I've never felt pain like that in my life. I also slept in the tub a few nights because I'd bleed through in less than an hour with a tampon and a pad. So basically, good luck ❤️